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The Life and Times of Sir George Grey, K.C.B.

(Note G.—See page 263.)The Great Hunt In The Orange Free State

page 488

(Note G.—See page 263.)The Great Hunt In The Orange Free State.

It might be thought from the description of this hunt given in the text that the destruction of such vast numbers of animals was useless and wasteful. The truth lies in the opposite direction. Many thousands of the natives joining in this unprecedented chase, obtained from its results food on which they and their families would depend through the ensuing winter. The different tribes had wagons on the field to carry off the portion of game distributed to them. This was then dried and thus turned into "bultong," and provided sustenance for communities which had little or no other means of subsistence. Nothing, therefore, was lost. In reference to this subject, see the letter of Moshesh on page 221.