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Wrecked on a Reef


page 260


Abaft Towards the stern of a ship
Aide-toi, etdieu t'aidera Help yourself and God will help you
Alere flammam To feed the flame
Aurora Australis (Southern Aurora) Glow or streamers of light in the southern polar night sky
Battle-dore Paddle-shaped wooden utensil or bat
Behoof Benefit
Bodkin Blunt needle or pointed tool
Burthen Burden
Chaussure Shoe
Coup d'éciat Masterly stroke
Debouch Flow into more open space
Durst Dared
Ferrule Metal band or cap on a stick or post to increase strength
Finis coronat opus The end crowns the work
Fosse Ditch
Fuzee Friction match with large head
Hedging bill Hooked tool
Hogshead Cask or unit of liquid capacity
Huzza Hurrah! A shout of joy
Knare Knot or protuberance on tree trunk
Larboard Port, i.e. left-hand side
Littoral Relating to the shore or coast
Ménage Household
Mizzen The mast immediately behind the main mast Ne sutor ultra crepidam Let the cobbler stick to his last i.e. let everyone attend their own business
Offing Distant part of the sea in view
Paletot Loose overcoat
Parroquet Parakeet, a small parrot
Passerines Perching birds, e.g. sparrows, larks
Penates Household gods, or valued items in a house
Periagua Canoe made from a single trunk
Per diem et diem Day after day
Phocae/phocidæ Seals
Pinnace Small boat serving a ship
Réveil Awakening
Saturnalia Ancient Roman festival, revelry, merrymaking
Scuttle A ship's hatch or its cover
Secrétaire Writing desk
Shallop A small or light boat
Shroud Set of ropes forming part of rigging, supporting mast
Tinder-box Box with tinder (combustible matter), flint and steel, for starting fires
Tinmen Tinsmiths
Tow Rough fibres, e.g. of flax
Tringle Rod
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