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The Adventures of George Washington Pratt


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Book I
Whom He Befriended.
Chapter. Fol.
I. By the Side of the Roaring Meg 1.
II. A Dilemma 4.
III. What George W. Pratt saw at the Junction 5.
IV. From Gentle Annie 7.
V. Mr Thomas Kenway 9.
VI. The Third Mate 11.
VII. George is promoted 14.
VIII. Waiting for the Boat 14.
IX. A Modern Orpheus 16.
X. Queenstown 17.
XI. A New Leg and an Old Hand 19.
XII. The New Home of the Gold 20.
XIII. Pegleg gets a Lesson in Acoustics 21.
XIV. Two Strange Stories 23.
XV. Discovered 24.
XVI. Pegleg's Story 26.
XVII. The Prisoner of the People 28.
XVIII. The Judge and the Sergeant 31.
XIX. The Long Arm of the Law 33.
XX. An Old Acquaintance with a New Name 35.
XXI. Tom's Wife 37.
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Book II. What Befel Him.
Chapter. Fol.
I. In which Mary Kenway tells a part of her Story 39.
II. “Mary” and “Cousin George” 41.
III. A Strange Group 42.
IV. Three Scenes 44.
V. Child or Husband 47.
VI. Snared 48.
VII. The Rescue of Pegleg 51.
VIII. In Jeopardy 53.
IX. Retribution 54.
X. In the Glen 56.
XI. Jim Darley has a Dream 58.
XII. Bearding the Lion 59.
XIII. Maori Jack 62.
XIV. A New Partnership 64.
XV. Keel Upwards 65.
XVI. The Earnslaw 66.
XVII. “The Wrong Spur” 67.
XVIII. “Similia Similibus Curantur” 68.
XIX. The Lonesome Lake 70.
XX. One and All 72.
Book III. What Became of Him.
Chapter. Fol.
I. Going Home 74.
II. Mary Kenway's Resolve 75.
III. Down the Lake 77.
IV. Under the Shadow of the Dome 78.
V. Under the Dome 79.
VI. Doctor John 80.
VII. Weather Bound 82.
VIII. Will She—Will She Not? 83.
IX. The Doctor's Stratagem 84.
X. The Stratagem Revealed 86.
XI. No Letters 87.
XII. Cross Purposes 87.
XII. “If this Should Meet the Eye” 89.
XIV. Mary in a New Character 91.
XV. Temptation 92.
XVI. “——Last Scene of All that Ends this Strange Eventful History” 93.