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Some Folk-Songs and Myths From Samoa

XXII.—The First Samoans

XXII.—The First Samoans.

Under date March 21, 1871, Mr. Powell says,—Taua-nu'u gave me to-day the following particulars, viz., that Le-Fatu and Le-‘Ele'ele gave birth to a boy and a girl alternately, who became husband and wife. Their first two were Malae (fem.) and Vavau (masc.). These gave birth to Faimalie (fem.) and Faitama'i (masc.) Their next two were Tele (masc.) and Malae (fem.). These gave birth to Vaìu'a aud Tiapa, Manu and Mala, Lei, Pue and Ite.

Their immediate descendants may therefore be arranged thus:—

Le Fatu ma Le-‘ele'ele.
Malae and Vavau— Faimalie and Faitamai— Titi and Titi
Tele and Malae— Valua and Tiapa— Sava and I'i
Manu and Mala—
Pue and Ite— Le-Fale-tolu
Fe'ema— Tui-Samata

Pu-lou-lou-lele and Malae-lā—Losi

Another version of the progeny of Le-Fatu and Le-‘Ele'ele, as given by Fofo, is this:

  • Faimalie and Faitama'i

  • Vavau and Tele or Nu'u and Tele

  • Mamao and Laveai or Ilu

  • Valu'a and Tiapa.