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A Grammar and Dictionary of the Samoan Language, with English and Samoan vocabulary


page 39


The adverb is often expressed by a noun joined to the verb by the preposition ma; as Na ia tautala mai ma le ita, lit. he talked with anger, he talked angrily. Sometimes the adverb comes between the verb and its directive particle; as ʻua potopoto ʻuma mai, they are all gathered. Or it comes after: us ʻua alu atu soʻu ʻo ia, he went constantly.

Sometimes the adverb procedes the verb, but more commonly it follows; as ʻUa vave oti, he is soon dead; ʻUa savali taʻalise, he walks quickly.

Sometimes it is expressed by two verbs: ʻUa loa ona sau, he came long ago, lit. it is long his coming, or since he came.