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Kowhai Gold


page ix


Eileen Duggan Page
    Saint Peter 1
    And at the End 2
    The Legend of the Cuckoo (from New Zealand Bird Songs) 3
    The Last Look 4
    Plagiarism 4
    Annunciation 5
    "Had it Been You" 5
    Lo, How the Butterfly 6
    The Dead Queen 7
    Praise 8
    The Sea Gipsy 8
    Any Small Nation 10
    A New Zealand Christmas 11
    A Maori Lullaby (from Poems) 12
    Swamp-Land (from Poems) 13
    The Last Song (from Poems) 13
O. N. Gillespie
    The Sheep-Stealer (from Night and Morning) 14
    The Singer (from Night and Morning) 16
    Evensong (from Night and Morning) 18
    Transmutation (from Night and Morning) 19
    The Reformer (from Night and Morning) 20
    Colour (from Night and Morning) 21
    The Court of Arches (from Night and Morning) 22
Katherine Mansfield
    Loneliness (from Poems) 24
    The Sea Child (from Poems) 25 page x
    Sea Song (from Poems) 25
    The Town Between the Hills (from Poems) 27
    Voices of the Air (from Poems) 29
    Sanary (from Poems) 30
    To L. H. B., 1894-1915 (from Poems) 31
    There is a Solemn Wind To-night (from Poems) 31
    Out in the Garden (from Poems) 32
    Fairy Tale (from Poems) 32
    Sorrowing Love (from Poems) 33
A. R. D. Fairburn
    Release 34
    When She Speaks 35
    Return 36
    Old Woman 37
    Nightfall 37
    The Runner 39
Alison Grant
    Shub-Ad, the Queen 40
    I gathered all my Treasure 42
    To Pan 43
    Song for Barbara 44
    Dorothea at the Piano 45
    Loyalty 45
    And Shall I Suffer Deepest Woe? 46
    Aged Four 47
    Convalescent 47
    Spring Passing 48
    Frailty 49
    The Sun-Worshipper 49
    Red and White 50
J. C. Beaglehole
    Molecular Theory 52
    To a Fairy 53 page xi
    The Climber 54
    Despondency 55
    The Cathedral 55
    British Museum 56
    In the Cotswolds 57
Una Currie
    In the Manner of Li-Po 57
    From a Train 58
    The Mother 59
    Mirage 59
    Trees 60
    Any Lover 61
Bartlett Adamson
    Adventure (from Twelve Sonnets) 62
    Space (from Twelve Sonnets) 62
    Glory (from Twelve Sonnets) 63
    Roses (from Twelve Sonnets) 63
Mona Tracy
    Akaroa 64
    The Coal Hulks 66
Seaforth Mackenzie
    A Leaf from a Fly-Book 68
    A Northern Song 69
    The Quest of the Sancgreal 70
Doreen Price
    Exile 70
    I Love 71
    The Pool 72
    Night 73
    Spring 73 page xii
Robin Hyde
    Half-Moon 74
    Road's End 75
    Division (from The Desolate Star) 76
    The Trees (from The Desolate Star) 77
    Paris in Troy 78
    Galleons 79
    Ghosts (from The Desolate Star) 80
    Perdita 81
    Rain 82
Ishbel Veitch
    Vision 83
    Loss 83
    Light 84
    Autumn 85
    Pain 85
    Quest 86
Helena Henderson
    La Vieillesse 87
    Earth Hold Him 88
    Grey Days 89
    Requital 90
    Heaven 91
Quentin Pope
    Reality 92
    Sonnet for Elizabeth 94
    Retrospect 95
Helen Glen Turner
    The Sea Hath Taken 96
    God Rest Michael 97
    Lament 98
    The Return 98 page xiii
R. A. K. Mason
    The Beggar (from The Beggar) 99
    After Death (from The Beggar) 100
Marna Service
    Blue Magic (from Blue Magic) 101
    The Fairy Horse (from Blue Magic) 102
    Song (from Blue Magic) 102
Jessie Mackay
    The Noosing of the Sun-God (from Land of the Morning) 103
    Slumber Song (from Land of the Morning) 107
Alan Mulgan
    Dead Timber (from The English of the Line) 108
    Soldier Settlement 110
Boyce Bowden
    Silverstream (from Wellington Verses) 112
    Wet Weather (from Wellington Verses) 114
    Wellington Lights (from Wellington Verses) 116
Alice A. Kenny
    The Parting 117
    Columbine's House 118
Dick Harris
    At Night (from Poems) 119
    Rondel (from Poems) 120
    Ships That Pass (from Poems) 121
Molly Howden
    I Have an Endless Joy (from Green Violets) 122
    Lullaby (from Green Violets) 123
    Escape (from Green Violets) 123 page xiv
D. M. Ross
    The Shining Cuckoo (from Stars in the Mist) 124
    Marooned (from Stars in the Mist) 124
    The Flight (from Stars in the Mist) 125
David McKee Wright
    The Kissing of Pegeen (from An Irish Heart) 126
    The Singers (from An Irish Heart) 128
Ida Withers
    Questionings 129
Will Lawson
    The Mails (from The Red West Road) 130
    The Red West Road (from The Red West Road) 133
Betty Riddell
    Old Man 134
    The Cripple 135
Arnold Wall
    A Time Will Come (from London Lost) 136
    The Wit 137
S. M. Sunley
    Adventure 138
    Lullaby 138
M. H. Poynter
    Gulls at Sunset 139
    Spiders' Webs 140
C. A. Marris
    Miracles 140
Mary Pumphrey
    Though Inland Far We Be 141
R. F. Fortune
    The Last Choice 142 page xv
T. H. E. Schröder
    The Street 143
Eric Lee Palmer
    The Phœnician 144
Mary Heath
    Housewife Sonnet 146
Hubert Church
    Chant 147
Toni McGrath
    Chinese Ivory 149
Ivy Gibbs
    The Thrush 150
Isabel Maud Peacocke
    The Round Pond at Midnight 152
P. W. Robertson
    Invocation 154
Charles Stuart Perry
    Ghosts. 155
S. August
    I Would Have Songs 155
C. H. Winter
    Treasures 156
Betty Knell
    Inventory (from As The Story Goes) 156
Marjory Nicholls
    Depression (from A Venture in Verse) 158
Lilla Gormhuille McKay
    Mountain Night 159 page xvi
Rena Dillon Macintosh
    The Gipsy Girl and the Moon 159
C. A. Gordon-Cumming
    At the Door 161
B. E. Baughan
    The Hill (from Shingle Short) 162
Frank Morton
    Triolet (from Laughter and Tears) 166
Winifred S. Tennant
    Embers 166
Alexa Stevens
    Garden Piece 167
Arthur H. Adams
    Sydney 168

Every vowel in Maori words is pronounced separately and receives the same quality as in Italian. The stress usually falls upon the first and alternate syllables.