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Legends of the Maori

List of Illustrations

page xvii

List of Illustrations

Full-Page Drawings
The Hauling of Tainui 5
The Tainui in the Storm 11
The Turning of the Whale 17
Ruaputahanga’s Warning 23
Tuparahaki the Widow 33
The Combat of the Chiefs 41
Tupahau’s Canoe Avalanche 45
The Kumara Cleaners 51
The Fugitive in the Flax Bush 57
Kirikava Casts His Net 85
Maui and Tuna 93
Tutaeporoporo, the Taniwha of the Whanganui 101
And they gazed on the Sleeping Wife 107
Te Aohuruhuru Sings Her Death Chant 111
Mura: The Song of the Flame 117
The Landing of the First Horse 121
The Orator 125
Maui Transforms Himself into a Pigeon 135
Pupu and Papaka 139
Love in the Nikau Palm Grove 147
How He Lost His Ears 157
Rangipai and the Slave 171
In the Snowstorm 191
Komahi and Her Pakeha 215
The Canoe of Fate 247