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Legends of the Maori


page xv


Part I.
The Saga of Tainui
Chapter I.—The Making of the Canoe 3
Chapter II.—The Voyage to Aotearoa 9
Chapter III.—Tainui on the New Zealand Coast 14
Chapter IV.—The Life in the New Land 21
Chapter V.—The Warriors of Kawhia 26
Chapter VI.—The Warrior Deeds of Kaihamu 28
Chapter VII.—Kaihamu’s Deeds and Magic 36
Chapter VIII.—The Story of Tupahau 40
Chapter IX.—Tupahau’s Adventures at Marokopa 44
Chapter X.—The Exploits of Toa-Rangatira 49
Chapter XI.—The Career of Kawharu 54
Chapter XII.—Utu: A Story of Retribution 60
Chapter XIII.—The Adventures of Maki 62
Chapter XIV.—The Conquests of Karewa 62
Chapter XV.—The Warrior Tale of Marangai-Paroa and His Sons 66
Pomare’s Genealogy 69
Principal Families of the Ngatitoa Tribe 72a
Rauparaha’s Expeditions 73
Part II.
Polynesian History
The First Inhabitants of Aitutaki—The History of Ru 79
The Migrations After Ru 81
The Explorations of Ruatapu 83
The Voyage of Taruia to Mangarongaro (Penrhyn Island) 87
Roina and Urirau return to Aitutaki 88
Genealogy 90
The Origin of the Coconut 92
Part III.
Legends of the Maori
Tutaeporoporo 99
In Single Combat 103
Whakamomori 104
The Story of Aohuruhuru 109
The Importance of a Comb 113
Mura 116
The Taniwha—The Landing of the First Horses in N.Z. 119
A Shot in the Dark 123
The Origin of the Eel Family 131
The Return 132
The Legend of Maui Tikitiki-o-Taranga 134
Vanity 138
Parau’s Farewell 141
The Escape of Tuiti 143
Pono 145
The Adventure of Hinepoupou 150page xvi
Part IV.—PAkeha-MAori TAaes
How He Lost His Ears 155
A Little Deal in Land 163
Melchizedec 165
Gratitude of a Kind 168
The Professor’s Specimen 169
Ka pai Hori 174
Land and Love 175
The Rifles of Ropata 181
The Blending of the Races 185
Mountain Magic 189
The first Gramophone among the Maoris 196
A Maori Race Meeting 197
The Origin of “Ariki Toa” 199
The Apotheosis of Hori Kerei 200
The Half-caste Wife 202
Komahi’s Pakeha 214
Heads 219
Part V.—Proverbs of the Maori
Some Sayings of Wisdom 223
Part VI.—Songs of the Maori.
A Love Ditty 231
An Old-time Love Lilt 232
Like Clouds of Smoke Ascending 234
Though Slowly Sinks the Sun 235
A Leave-taking 236
Love’s Memory 237
Elegiac Chant 238
The Troubled Sleep 240
The Lament of Te Neke 241
Part Vii.—In Farewell to the Dead
Te Whiti the Prophet 245
Farewell to Taare Waitara 246
Mahuta of Waikato 249
To a Patriot of Samoa 250
Part Viii.—New Life for the Maori
The Past and the Future 253
Part IX.—In Memoriam
Parliamentary Tributes to Sir Maui Pomare 263
Samoa’s Sorrow 272
The Last Scene 273
Lament for Sir Maui Pomare 280
Pomare’s Farewell 280
Father and Son 281
Historic Manukorihi 283
A Chant of Praise for Pomare 284