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Legends of the Maori

List of Illustrations

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List of Illustrations

Full-page Drawings
The Separation of Rangi and Papa 5
The Spirit of the Forest 11
Tawhaki’s Clumb 23
The Vengeance of Whakatau 35
Patito’s Return from the Reinga 53
The Ambush 65
Tikawe’s Leap 77
Hunting the Giant Tuna 91
Launching the Spell 101
The Cannibal Stranger 113
The Subterranean Passage 129
Trial by Water 145
The Vision 167
The Cave of Refuge 183
The Night Attack 193
Springing the Trap 203
The Swim for Life 219
Hurihia’s Race 231
The Warning of the Gulls 243
Te Rangi-Tahau’s Rite and the Sacred Fire 267
The Mountain God 283
The Song of the Tui 291
Te Ngaru’s Flute Song 303
The Widow’s Farewell 311
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