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Legends of the Maori


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Mythology of the Maori.
Chapter I.—Rangi and Papa; the Separation of Heaven and Earth 3
Chapter II.—Tane-Mahuta, the Soul of the Forest 9
Chapter III.—The Deeds of Maui: Mahuika and the origin of fire—Maui and HinenuitePo—Maui in the South Seas 14
Chapter IV.—Gods and Mortals: The Story of Tawhaki and Hapai—The Girdle of the Gods 21
Chapter V.—From Island unto Island: The Story of Polynesian Rovings 28
Chapter VI.—The Story of Whakatau and the Tihi-o-Manono 33
Chapter VII.—The Voyage to New Zealand 38
Chapter VIII.—Explorers of New Zealand: The Travels of Rakataura 41
Chapter IX.—The Maori Spiritland: Folk Beliefs of the Reinga and the Spirits’ Flight; The Polynesians’ Spiritland 48
Chapter X.—Celt and Maori: Likenesses in Folk Belief, Legend and Poetry 59
Chapter XI.—The Fairy Foresters: Tales of the Maero and the Patu-paiarehe 63
Chapter XII.—The Origin of the Maori Games 69
Some Folk Tales of the Maori.
The Death Leap of Tikawe 75
Paepipi’s Stranger 80
A Story of Maori Gratitude 82
Hopa the Tohunga 85
By the Waters of Rakaunui 89
Te Ake’s Revenge: A Tale of Wizardry and Retribution 95
Tales of the Cave Country: The Legend of the Den of the Wild Dogs—The Man-eating Dog of Ngamoko Mountain 106
The Tale of Rokiroki: A Memory of the Mokau 111
The Lost Land of Paorae 117
The Cave Dwellers of Te Pehu: A Story of the Great Forest 121
Tarao the Tunneller: A Tradition of Kawa Mountain 125
The Lovers’ Chase: A Story of the Whakatane Valley 133
Rock of the Flying Foam: A Saga of the Waikato River 139
The Judgment of Uenuku 143
At the Rising of Kopu 147
A Cartridge from Taraia 150
Pool of the Papua 153
The Wizards of the Plains: A Tale of Maori Magic 155
The Gift of His Fathers 160
The Rite of Ngau-Taringa: A Story of the Heuheu Family 162
Matakite: A Story of Second Sight 165
Wairaka of the Cave 171
Tales of Tauhara: The Value of a Mountain 177
Tunohopu’s Cave: A Tale of Old Rotorua 181
By the Waters of Holy-Brook: Tales of an Enchanted Valley 186page x
A Basket of Whitebait 192
Utu: A Story of a Polynesian Vendetta 197
Motu-Ngaio Pa and the Stage of Heads: A Story of old Kawhia 201
Virgin’s Isle: The Story of Te Wharerangi and the Fall of Motu-o-Puhi Pa 207
The Stealing of an Atua: A Tradition of the Otago Coast 213
The Pillow: How Rau-Whato swam Lake Taupo—The Story of a Maori Heroine 217
Te Pokiha’s Farewell: A Memory of Maketu 223
Magic Mountain: Maungaroa and its Legends 226
Hurihia’s Race: A Tale of the Taupo Coast 229
The Diving Cage: The Tale of the Dragon-Slayers of Te Awahou 235
There were Giants in the Land 238
The Little Gulls of Mokoia 241
The Witch Trees of the Kaingaroa 247
The Tree of the Rope: A Tale of old Rotoiti 252
Lagoons of the Tuna: Kawa Repo and its Story 255
The Rite of the Kawa-whare: The Carved House and the two Priests—A Tale of Tapu 259
The Poetry of the Maori.
Introductory 275
The Chant of Hautu 279
The Mountain God: A Song of Taranaki 282
A Song in Exile 285
The Lone Sentinel’s Song 287
A Waikato Canoe Chant 288
A Song of Prophecy (Mata) 289
Bird Song—What the Tui says 290
The Bird of Summer 293
“I Sing of Kupe 293
A Patriotic Chant: Hold Fast the Land 294
A War-chant: The Song of Tokatoka 295
Hikairo’s War Song 296
A Song of Raukawa 298
Two South Island Chants—
The Song of the Axe 299
“Try not the Pass,” the old Man said 300
Love Chants—
Te Ngaru’s Flute Song 301
Yon Enchanted Isle: A Song for Whakaari 305
The Last Look Back: Paui-wahine’s Love Song 306
Laments for the Dead—
The Dirge of Rangi-mamao 309
A Dirge for Te Heuheu 313
The Lament for Hikareia 314
An Arawa Lament: The Pathway of the Dead 316
The Omen of the Flax Bush 317
“Mourn with the Sighing Wind” 318
A Waikato Elegy: “Loud Peals the Thunder” 319