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New Zealand's First Refugees: Pahiatua's Polish Children

[Change in administration]

page 320

Change in administration

In December 1945, after other countries ceased to recognise the Polish Government-in-Exile, New Zealand followed the British lead and withdrew its recognition, though it stalled with recognising the new Soviet communistdominated government in Warsaw. Three months later, on 9 April 1946, the New Zealand Government took over complete control of the camp. The Child Welfare Division also came into the picture.

Department of External Affairs

Memorandum for: All Ministers of the Crown

Re: Consul General of Poland – Count KA Wodzicki

I have to inform you that on 17 December 1945, Count KA Wodzicki was informed that his exequatur as Consul General of Poland at Wellington was withdrawn as from that date.

The position now is that we no longer recognise the Polish Government in London but we do not at present intend to recognise the provisional Government of Poland at Warsaw.

The foregoing is communicated to you for your information and guidance. Suitable advice has been sent to Departments concerned.

Walter Nash

Acting Minister of External Affairs

Source: Archives New Zealand