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Fretful Sleepers and Other Essays



1. As a pakeha I felt it necessary to seek the opinions of three Maoris on the stories from which this study took its start, i.e. those reprinted in Davin, D.M. (ed.), New Zealand Short Stories, Oxford, London 1953.

To these three people, Miss J.C. Sturm, Mr Matiu te Hau and Mr Hirone Wikiriwhi I acknowledge my indebtedness.

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page 69

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22.   It is probable that there were in fact no liaisons between Maori men and white women well-bred enough to qualify as models for fiction. Grace's Hone Tiki thought so and had his explanation: the pakeha woman did not attract the Maori man since she was thin, ugly, too talkative and unsubmissive, whereas the pakeha man preferred the Maori woman because she was plump, quiet, kind and submissive.

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page 70

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46.  Mr te Hau tells me that the story recalls a real incident in the King Country when an old woman who allowed a mining company to lay a loco-track through her land claimed a higher royalty than she was given and lay for three days across the tracks to prevent the loco passing.

47.  At the time of which Mr Finlayson was writing, the proportion of Maori dwellings of one or two rooms was over a half, and if one adds temporary dwellings the proportion was 67% (New Zealand Population Census, 1926, XIV; 8-9). The corresponding figures for pakeha dwellings were 9.1% and 13.5% (ibid. XIII: 4).

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page 71

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