Title: Henry Lawson Among Maoris

Author: William H. Pearson

Publication details: Reed Publishing (NZ) Ltd, 1968, Wellington

Digital publication kindly authorised by: Paul Millar

Part of: New Zealand Texts Collection

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Henry Lawson Among Maoris


page vii


I am indebted to many people for this study, to Henry Lawson himself for a start, and to the preliminary biographical work of the late T. D. Mutch, to the published biographical studies by Professor Colin Roderick and Denton Prout.

The staff of several libraries have been most helpful, notably of the Mitchell Library and the Dixson Collection at the Public Library of New South Wales, of the Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington, the National Library of Australia, Canberra, the State Library of Victoria, the State Library of Tasmania, and the Australian National University Library. In particular I would like to thank Mr J. E. Traue of the General Assembly Library, Wellington, Mrs M. Scott and Mrs S. Upton of the Alexander Turnbull Library, Mr H. Roth and Misses Julia McMahon and Rosemary Hudson of the University of Auckland Library, Mr T. A. Kealy and Miss Patricia Reynolds of the State Library of Victoria, Mrs Marjorie Hancock of the Mitchell Library, Mr F. M. Dunn of the Dixson Collection, and Mr Michael Hitchings of the Hocken Library, Dunedin. The late Mr M. W. Standish and Miss Judith S. Hornabrook, of the National Archives, Wellington, have also been helpful.

The ministers and officers of some New Zealand government departments have made information in their keeping readily available. I acknowledge the assistance of Sir Walter Nash, former Minister of Maori Affairs; the Hon. J. R. Hanan, Minister for Justice; Dr J. L. Robson, Secretary for Justice; and Mr J. G. A'Court and Mr J. L. Wright, successive Registrars-General. In the Department of Education I should like to thank Dr C. E. Beeby, former Director of Education; Dr K. J. Sheen, Director-General of Education; Mr K. I. Robertson, former Officer for Maori Education; as well as Mr W. P. Spencer, Secretary-Manager of the Canterbury Educa-page viiition Board, and the staff of the Department of Education at Newmarket, in particular Mr N. F. Khouri and Mr H. T. Ngata.

For inquiries about Kaikoura and the history of Mangamaunu I am specially indebted to Mr J. M. Sherrard who has generously shared his knowledge. For other local inquiries I thank Mrs T. Walsh of Auckland, Mr J. R. Jacob of Mangamaunu, Fr William J. Walsh, parish priest of Kaikoura, Fr T. Wall, S.M., and Fr K. I. McGrath, S.M., of the Catholic Presbytery, Otaki, Constable L. N. Snowden of Kaikoura, Mr A. M. Hale of Blenheim, Mr J. D. Watson of the Christchurch Star, and Dr Ray Copland of the University of Canterbury.

For translation of Maori texts and advice on editing them I am indebted to Dr P. W. Hohepa and Professor Bruce Biggs of the University of Auckland. For consultation on one aspect of New Zealand history, I thank Dr R. T. Shannon of the University of East Anglia.

A number of Australian writers and scholars have willingly helped with inquiries. They are Professor Russel Ward of the University of New England, Mr Walter W. Stone, Mr Harry Chaplin, Miss Sylvia Lawson, Mr C. W. Phillips, Professor Colin Roderick and Mrs Bertha Jago. Mr Bruce Nesbitt of the Australian National University has passed on some appropriate references. I am indebted to my colleagues at the Australian National University, Professor J. W. Davidson, who read the typescript and made a number of valuable suggestions, Mr Douglas Whalan and Dr Deryck Scarr, whom I have consulted on special points, and to Mrs Judith Briggs who typed the manuscript.

This study has been made possible by a research grant from the New Zealand University Grants Committee and completed during a research appointment at the Australian National University. Three chapters were written during a stay at the Michael Károlyi Memorial Foundation at Vence, Alpes Maritimes.

The maps have been drawn by Miss Winifred Mumford of the Australian National University.

Acknowledgments are due to the Henry Lawson estate and Messrs Angus and Robertson for permission to quote from Lawson's writings, published and unpublished, and from Henry Lawson by his Mates, and also to the Trustees of the page ixMitchell Library, to the Alexander Turnbull Library, and the National Library of Australia for permission to quote from Lawson manuscripts in their keeping; to Dr K. J. Sheen, Director-General of Education in New Zealand, for permission to quote from New Zealand Department of Education files; to the British Library of Political and Economic Science at the London School of Economics for permission to quote from a letter of Edward Tregear; to. Mr W. J. Elvy of Blenheim for permission to quote from Kaikoura Coast; to Mr Norman Lindsay and Messrs Angus and Robertson for permission to quote from Bohemians of the Bulletin; to Denton Prout and Messrs Rigby, Ltd for permission to quote from Henry Lawson, the Grey Dreamer. For permission to reproduce photographs I am indebted to Mr J. M. Sherrard, Mr J. D. Watson, the Alexander Turnbull Library, and the Board of Governors of the Christchurch Technical Institute.

Canberra September 1967