Title: Henry Lawson Among Maoris

Author: William H. Pearson

Publication details: Reed Publishing (NZ) Ltd, 1968, Wellington

Digital publication kindly authorised by: Paul Millar

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Henry Lawson Among Maoris


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Separate poems, stories, essays or letters already cited in the notes are not included unless of major importance to this study.

I Works by Henry Lawson

(a)Specifically discussed in detail:
  • 'A Daughter of Maoriland: A Sketch of Poor-Class Maoris', MS. not traced;

    The Antipodean, 3, 1897, ed. A. B. Paterson and G. Essex Evans. George Robertson, Melbourne, and Chatto and Windus, London, pp. 25-34.

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    Popular Verses,Angus and Robertson, Sydney, 1900, pp. 113-20.

    Emended proofs by D. McK. Wright, G. Robertson, and A. W. Jose, Henry Lawson: Verses-Emendations of Proofs, vol. iii, Mitchell Library A 1880.


'Fragment of an Autobiography', Mitchell Library MS. A 1887-8. 1913 Autobiography. Alexander Turnbull Library MSS. K2; typescript copies in Mitchell Library, 'From Mudgee Hills to London Town'.

page 210

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(c)Some journals containing short pieces by Lawson:

Albany Observer (Albany, W.A.), 1890.

Antipodean (Melbourne and London), 1 (1893), 3 (1897).

Australian Star (Sydney), 1899.

Boomerang (Brisbane), 1890-1.

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Bulletin (Sydney), 1887-1924.

Daily Telegraph (Sydney), 1902.

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Lone Hand (Sydney), 1907-21.

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New Zealand Times (Wellington), 1893, 1897.

Sydney Morning Herald,1921.

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(d)Published volumes:

Short Stories in Prose and Verse,L. Lawson,Sydney [1894].

While the Billy Boils,Angus and Robertson, Sydney, 1896.

In the Days when the World was Wide and Other Verses,Angus and Robertson, Sydney, 1896.

Verses Popular and Humorous,Angus and Robertson, Sydney; Australian Book Co., London, 1900. (Reissued later in 1900 in two separate parts, Popular Verses and Humorous Verses.)

The Country I Come From, Blackwood, Edinburgh and London, 1901.

page 211

Joe Wilson and his Mates,Blackwood, Edinburgh and London, 1901.

(Issued by Angus and Robertson in 1902; and in two parts in 1904 as Joe Wilson and Joe Wilson's Mates.)

Children of the Bush, Methuen, London, 1902. (This collection was issued in two parts as Send Round the Hat and The Romance of the Swag, Angus and Robertson, Sydney, 1907.)

Mateship: a Discursive Yarn,Lothian Publishing Co., Melbourne, 1911. Not seen: references to this story are to its reprinting in Triangles of Life (below).

On the Track,Angus and Robertson, Sydney, 1900.

Over the Sliprails,Angus and Robertson, Sydney, 1900. (These two titles, with original title-pages and pagination, were bound as one volume and issued later in 1900 with the spine-title On the Track and Over the Sliprails.

When I was King and Other Verses,Angus and Robertson, Sydney, 1905. (This collection was issued by Angus and Robertson later in 1905 in two parts, When I was King and The Elder Son.)

The Rising of the Court and Other Sketches in Prose and Verse,Angus and Robertson, Sydney, 1910.

The Skyline Riders and Other Verses,Fergusson Ltd, Sydney and Dunedin, [1910].

For Australia and Other Poems,Standard Publishing Co., Melbourne, 1913

Triangles of Life and Other Stories,Lothian Book Publishing Co., Melbourne [1916], first published Standard Publishing Co., Melbourne, 1913.

My Army, O, My Army and Other Songs,Tyrrell's Ltd, Sydney, 1915. (These poems with one other were issued by G. G. Harrap of London in 1916 as Song of the Dardanelles and other Verses.)

Selected Poems, with a preface by David McKee Wright, Angus and Robertson, Sydney, 1918.

Winnowed Verse, with a preface by David McKee Wright, Angus and Robertson, Sydney, 1924; a selection.

Poetical Works of Henry Lawson, with preface and introduction by David McKee Wright, Angus and Robertson, Sydney, 3rd ed., 1951; first published 1925; consists of the contents of Winnowed Verse and Verses Popular and Humorous.

A Selection from the Prose Works of Henry Lawson, edited by George Mackaness, Cornstalk Publishing Co., Sydney, 1928.

Henry Lawson: Twenty Stories and Seven Poems, edited by Colin Roderick, Angus and Robertson, Sydney, 1947.

The Men who Made Australia: Stories and Poems by Henry Lawson, edited by Marjorie Pizer, Australasian Book Society, Melbourne, 1957.

Henry Lawson: Fifteen Stories, edited by Colin Roderick, Angus and Robertson, Sydney, 1959.

The Stories of Henry Lawson, edited by Cecil Mann, 3 vols, Angus and Robertson, Sydney, 1964.

page 212

II Unpublished Reference Material

(a)Angus and Robertson bound volumes:

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The Polychrome: 'Selected Poems' of Henry Lawson, A 1871, Mitchell Library.

Proof Sheets of Selected Poems, 3 vols, A 1872-4, Mitchell Library; emendations of proofs of Selected Poems (1918) by Bertram Stevens, A. W. Jose, and David McKee Wright.

Correspondence re Selected Poems of Henry Lawson, 3 vols, A 1875-7, Mitchell Library; mainly a protracted exchange between Lawson and George Robertson on revisions of Lawson's verse for Selected Poems (1918).

Henry Lawson: Verses; Emendations by McKee Wright and Others, 6 vols, A 1878-83, Mitchell Library; emendations in three hands of poems from DWW, VPH, WIK, My Army, O, My Army, and The Rising of the Court.

Dissed Prose and Verse, A 1884, Mitchell Library.


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Uncatalogued MSS. Set 184, Items 1-8, Mitchell Library.

III Published Criticism, Biography, Bibliography

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page 213

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page 214

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page 215

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