Title: Henry Lawson Among Maoris

Author: William H. Pearson

Quoted in: Henry Lawson Among Maoris

Publication details: Reed Publishing (NZ) Ltd, 1968, Wellington

Digital publication kindly authorised by: Paul Millar

Part of: New Zealand Texts Collection

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Mangamaunu — Kaikoura NZ — 25/6/97

Kaikoura NZ

Messers Angus & Robertson

Dear Sirs,

I trust you will understand that I feel deeply and sincerely grateful for your kindness and consideration in forwarding the copies of my book. I have just received very flattering (and, on at least one side, very "business-like") letters from Wm Blackwood of "Blackwoods Magazine" Eng, "Chambers Journal" editor (who doesn't want "questionable subjects as his is a "family magazine); and from the "Northern Newspaper Syndicate" Kendal, Eng, which last wan't 3,500 words for £3.3-"cheque on receipt of MS." Blackwood offers £2-2. per thousand words, and all the usual rights, and says that his attention has been directed to "While the Billy Boils" by one of his contributers who expressed high &c of the merits &c. Chambers want them, stories & sketches as good as in "WBB". The Northern Newspaper Shyndicate (probably a Jew and a drunken journalist) would also be glad of any other MS. I may have by me-(with prices). Blackwood mentions a proposal to your firm. Have never been able to feel as contented with "WBB" as "The Days When the World was Wide, but am well on with a connected Book called the "Native School"-descriptive, reminiscent, and personal matter-in an altogether new style, for me. I have quiet, oppotunity, all the characters, and the school as a peg to hang all my fragmentary idea's incidents and emotions on; and if the book gives as much pleasure in reading as it does me in writing, I think, I'll succeed. The chapters seem to fall into place and fill without an effort. There is a sketch of mine called "The Three Roads" still in your office also some newspapers and clippings "Truth" and Freemans Journal. I would be very thankful if you would forward sketch, as Australian Xmas orders crowd on me, and I am doing no short work save verse, and must make some guineas by Xmas. Also I would be glad to remit price and postage of any back number magazines you wish to clear, for get little or nothing to read here, and, in fact, only see a white page 174face about once a month. Trusting that Mr Angus is better in health, and the publishing business succeeding I remain,

Henry Lawson Teacher

Yours truly

Native School
South Island
New Zealand
P.S. Am getting request for copy at Australian prices from NZ papers, notably the Christchuch Press which paper has started a column or so of sgd Literary articles and-"to supply" as the editor says, "the want of a New Zealand Magazine-and already has the names of the leading men of NZ (the Dean of Dunedin &c). Will not be able to spare any as all my ideas & NZ copy is working into the "Native School" (title private) But I want to write up Boake for the NZ press at large. Would you let me have advanced sheets.* Australian stuff read well and wanted in New Zealand.


[Written sideways in space to the left of signature] "Chambers uses the name of John Arthur Barry -and say they have published some of his work and have more in hand-an inducement. Am writing and will mention Boake Banjo &c. I would like in some way to repay you for past trouble and abandoned agreements H L [At top of first page] If "The Three Roads" is found and Banjo cares to use it for his Magazine, he can have it. Could he have typewriter copy?