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A Journal of a Voyage to the South Seas

A Vocabulary of the Language spoken by the People of the Island of Madagascar

page 201

A Vocabulary of the Language spoken by the People of the Island of Madagascar.

Delanna, The earth.
Greemiss, A mizzling rain.
Cumbar, Twins.
Loha or dooha, The head.
Voolaon dooha, The hair-of the head.
Handing, The face.
Massoo, The eyes.
Vooloo massoo, The eye-brows.
Soofi, The ears.
Oroong, The nose.
Bava, The cheeks.
Mooloor, The mouth.
Ncefee, The teeth.
Leula, The tongue.
Vaow, The chin.
Voossoon, The neck.
Dada, The breast.
Nooroo, The nipples.
Reeboo, The belly.
Foit, The navel.
Voohoo, The back.
Vooha, The sides.
Soorooka, The shoulders.
Tangan, The whole arm and hand.
Hailik, The arm-pits.
Keehow, The elbows.page 202
Voohan tangan, The back of the hand.
Falla tangan, The palm of the hand.
Ranjang tangan, The fingers.
Foonee, The hips.
Fai, The thighs.
Lohalka, The knees.
Randjao, The legs.
Boobeechee, The calves of the leg.
Ungoor, The foot.
Ambanee ungoor, The sole of the foot.
Ranjang ungoor, The toes.
Matcha, A tiger.
Onta, A camel.
Onta, An ass.
Oolar or boolar, A snake.
Smootallang, An ant.
Cumbang sapatoo, Scarlet hibiscus.
Manga mattang, Green mangas.
Manga bapang, Ripe mangas.
Cobong, A garden.
?Bafar, A market.
Cointchee, A key.
Cointchee sapatoo, Buckles.
Leyang or loyang, Brass.
Sootra, Silk.
Tampalooda, A spitting-pot.
Gaingong, A reed musical instrument.
Cajin, A Malay garment.
Baidjoo, An upper white short jacket.
Tomeat, A cane.
Corro corro, A java proe.
Maddat appiam, Opium.
Ratchang, Poison.
Curjeedoo, A cure.page 203
Orrang buggeess, A Macassar man.
Orrang meenta, A beggar.
Cabeezee, An eunuch.
Orrang geela, A lunatic.
Bodda, A fool.
Orrang oodal or oosta, A liar.
Boodjang, A batchelor.
Doocoon, A doctor.
Emai, A title of respect.
Noonya, Mistress.
Noona, Miss.
Cawin, A wedding.
Pacattan, A language.
Soondal, A lie.
Carmarran dooloo mallam, The night before last.
Baisoo dattang, The day after to-morrow.
Poocool or jam, An hour.
Days of the Week.
Aree Jamahat, Friday.
Aree Saptoo, Saturday.
Aree Gnahat, Sunday.
Aree Seenen, Monday.
Aree Salassa, Tuesday.
Aree Rubo, Wednesday.
Aree Camess, Thursday.
Tongbarroo, The new year.
Mabooe, Drunk.
Lammoo, Moon-eyed.
Matapoota, or mataboota, Blind, or blindness.
Toolee, Deaf.
Gagoo, Dumb.
Bainco, Lame.page 204
Tangallang, Drowned.
Jahat, Cruel.
Sussue, Narrow, or strait.
Longar, Broad or wide.
Crass, Loud, swift, or strong.
Maira mooda, Light-red.
Maira looa, Dark-red.
Passeer, Pleased or glad.
Talalloo, A superfluity, as Talalloobagoos, too fine.
Morra, Cheap.
Malengkit bagitta, Adhefive, or gluey.
Passang, A pair.
Dooadooa, Both.
Laian, Another.
Seedeecoot, Few, little.
Sarre, Every.
Nantee dowloo, Perhaps.
Dowloo, Before.
Baroo sang, Just now.
Sampee, Until, or till.
Begeenne, or begeetoo, So, like that or this; in this or that manner.
Belair malay, To sail.
Gossoe peesoo, To sharpen a knife.
Pangeel, To cail, or name.
Teembool, To grow.
Batcha, To read.
Potong, To cut.
Curja or beeking, To make.
Tarro, To lay, to set, to put or place a thing.
Boonte, To be with child.
Sambayam, To pray.
Bole, To be able.page 205
Gaigar, To burry or hasten.
Peecool, or bawa, To carry.
Passang, To light.
Yattoo, To tumble.
Tadda tadda, To tack.
Jangan, Don't, or get along.
Lalloo de seetoo, Get away from thence.
Sappatow, Who knows?
Sapeetoo, Who is there?
Appa maon, What do you want?
Soocoo sooca, Do you chuse?
Maon, Will you?
De manna boole dappa, Where can I get such a thing?
Maon appa tradda ambeel, Why did they not fetch it?
Curjappa, What do you make of it?
Cappang belair, When do you go to sea?
Issee or essa, One.
Rooe, Two.
Tulloo or tailoo, Three.
Efax or efar, Four.
Leman or lime, Five.
One or aine, Six.
Heitoo or petoo, Seven.
Balloo, Eight.
Seeva, Nine.
Fooroo or fooloo, Ten.