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A Journal of a Voyage to the South Seas

A Vocabulary of the Language of the Natives of the Island of Sumatra, in the East-Indies

page 198

A Vocabulary of the Language of the Natives of the Island of Sumatra, in the East-Indies.

Jet, The sun.
Gù or geuex, The moon.
Tchee, The stars.
Thee, The sky.
Hoïn, The clouds.
Hò, Rain.
Gowshù, The rainbow,
Haï, The sea.
Whang, Wind.
Lang, People.
Tapò, A man.
Tsawà, A woman.
Taow, The head.
Tamung, The hair of the head.
Beeïn, The face.
Bwaclieu, The eyes.
Vacvaï, The eye-brows.
Vactoojin, The eye-lids.
Pee, The nose.
Tsooë, The mouth.
Tsooë toon, The lips.
Tsooë kee, The teeth.
Tsooë eta, The chin.
Tchee, The tongue.
Amcooë, The neck.
Semgua, The breast.
Deeïn, The nipples.
Pacto, The belly.page 199
Patsa, The navel.
Padja, The back.
Pakow peeng, The fides.
Quintaow, The shoulders.
Tchoo, The arms.
Cöai, The arm-pits.
Tche aowtee, The elbow.
Tchoo pooä, The hand.
Tchoo tang, feeäm, The palm of the hand.
Tsung taow, The fingers.
Cajang, The hips.
Cada tooë, The thighs.
Cadaow, The knees.
Cäooto, The legs.
Catsat, The ancles.
Ca, The foot.
Cojang taow, The toes.
Catchù atù, The sole of the foot.
Chit. One.
Nung, Two.
Sa, Three.
See, Four.
Ingo, Five.
La, Six.
Chee, Seven.
Poë, Eight.
Ca, Nine.
Tsap, Ten.
Tsapet, Eleven.
Tsapgee, Twelve.
Tsee tsap, Twenty.
Tsee et, Twenty-one.page 200
Tsa tsap, Thirty.
Chippa, One hundred.
Chet cheang, One thousand.
Chet bang, Ten thousand.
Chet sabang, One hundred thousand.
Chet pawang, A million.