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A Journal of a Voyage to the South Seas

A Vocabulary of the Language of Otaheite

page 51

A Vocabulary of the Language of Otaheite.

Aree, A chief.
To aree, A Secondary chief.
Toomeite, A Superior officer.
Taowaa, A priest.
Eiya, A centinel.
Tootuai, A trader.
Teine, A dependant, or tenant.
Tatta màòwreèa, A poor man that gets his livelihood by labour, as a fisherman.
Taow taow, A menial servant.
Tata, People.
Midee, A child.
Earee, A boy.
Aheine, A woman.
Mituatane, Father.
Mituaheine, Mother.
Tooboonah, A grand-father.
Teine, A brother.
Tooaheine, A sister.
Tooanah, An elder brother, or sister.
Teine, A younger brother, or sister.
Tane, A husband.
Huaheine, A wife.
Eeàpeèttèe, taowa, or tyau, A friend.
Midya, A widow.
Opareemo, A skeleton, or bones.
Eeree, The flesh.page 52
Ewcy, or aèe The skin.
Matee, Blood,
Ewaowa, The veins.
Eraowroo, The hair.
Erowroo, The head.
Eto, The top of the head.
Eboo, The temples.
Irai, The brow.
Matau, The eyes.
Eahoo, The nose.
Paparia, The cheeks.
Tareeha, The ears.
Ewauha, The mouth.
Eooto, The lips.
Eneeho, The teeth.
Treero, The tongue.
Maomee, The beard.
Eaee, The neck.
Trapooa, The gullet.
Etapona, The Shoulders.
Erimau, The bands and arms.
Aiai, The arm-pits.
Wateea, The elbows.
Aboorima, The palms of the bands.
Epai, The thumb.
Meyoooo, The nails.
Eoma, The breasts.
Eoo, The nipples.
Eobco, The belly.
Pito, The navel.
Etooa, The back.
Etohai, The hips.
Ehoorai, The anus.
Oowhau, The thighs.page 53
Etooree, The knees.
Eawy, The legs.
Edeai, The calf of the leg.
Moa moa, The ancles.
Etapooai, The foot.
Oütoo, The beel.
Matiyo, The toes.
Eyoare, A rat.
Eairo, The tail of a quadruped.
Manoo, A bird.
Mato manoo, A bird's eye.
Eneèhote manoo, A bird's beak.
E-haòw pè, The tail.
Maniaow, The claws.
Eroòppe, A pigeon, or dove,
Ohaa te manoo, A bird's nest.
Hooira moa, An egg.
Aa, A green parrot.
Veene, A blue parroquet.
Morai, A duck.
Eiya, A fish.
Ewhai, or ephai, A cuttle-fish.
Ehoomè, A seal.
Ehoona, A turtle.
Emahoo, A shark's skin.
Eiyoo, Shagreen.
Borahaaw, Shell-fish.
Mapeehee, A limpet.
E boòboo, A wilk.
Aupuhua, Muscles.
E ròrree, An actinia, or pisser, [a marine infect]
Peeyaow, A libella. or dragon-fly.
Ootooròhoonoo, A spider.
Qatoo, A louse.page 54
E reemo, Sea-weed.
Ewawaow, or erao, A leaf.
Eramaiya, A plantain-leaf.
Meiya, Plantains.
Meiya èpé, Ripe plantains.
Eaow, A tender green stalk.
Epeea, A woody Stalk.
Ehooai, A calabash.
Eboo, A cocoa-nut shell.
Po-ooroo, The bark of the bread-fruit tree.
Hoora-ooiro, Fruit.
Ooroo, Bread-fruit.
Ooroo epé, Bread-fruit kept till it is half rotten, which is, nevertheless, sweet when roasted.
Bidibidio, Small red Indian pease.
Etoomoo, Wood.
Hanooa, A sort of wood like crab-tree-wood.
Whanooa, Land.
Ewha, An opening in the land.
Maowa, Mountains and bills.
Te Maowa, tei tei, Steep or perpendicular bills.
Orowhaina, A high peaked hill in Otaheite,
Hiahia, Level or flat country.
Eràpao, Mud.
E àrahow, Ashes.
Owhai, A Stone.
Owhai mamòe, A soft or splintery stone.
Owhai maowree, A hard or slinty stone.
Tatteiaowra, A transparent crystal.
Wahaa, or eahei, Fire.
Eahei, Light.
Avy, Water.
Eàrroe, The swell of the sea, and the surf.page 55
Oròmà tooa, The air, or breath.
Hiamòorre, Light puff's of air.
Matai, Wind.
Eata, The clouds.
Eohco, Smoke.
Anooa nooa, The rainbow.
Manaha, The fun.
Toobatoora, The setting-sun.
Marama, The moon.
Efedeea, A star.
Taowruah, The planet Venus.
Nataihieah, The planet Saturn.
Eparai, The horizon.
T'Oheèttee-otera, The east.
T'Otera, The west.
Oàpitoaraow, The north.
Tahèaweira, The south.
A fale, A house*.
Etaòwteea, The rasters of a house.
E ahaow, The beams.
E toorroo tooròo, The posts.
Kipoo a meemhee, A chamber-pot.
Ebupau, A Stool.
Tota, also Eeno, A looking-glass.
Mayo, A small rail.
Ithee dee, A wooden image.
Eiei, A mallet for cloth.
Mahai, An oven for baking bread.
Oorè dehaiya, A large nail.
Oorè oorè, A middling-sized nail.
Oorè eeteea, A small nail.page 56
Utoi, or towa, An axe, or hatchet.
Itee, A fly-slap.
Whata, Sticks raised to hang baskets upon.
Eitai, A straw-bag.
Edevai, An open-wrought bag.
Moean, Mats.
Iteehahào, Red paint or dye.
Matee, Red dye for cloth.
Paee, A ship.
Paee, A large canoe.
Ewaha, A small canoe.
Ewhàrraow, A boat-house.
Taoda, A thick rope.
Eaha, A plaited line, and thread for making nets.
Ehow, A fishing-line.
Oopeia, A seine.
Hobuhoo, White cloth.
Tuorloo, Thick white cloth,
Ahao apau, Buff-coloured thin cloth.
Habau, Thin buff-coloured cloth spotted with red.
Poohiree, Reddish cloth.
Ahao ora, Russet thin cloth.
Haowaraia, Gummed cloth.
Eiboo, Cloth made of old cloth.
Pooroaw, A sort of stuff; taken from some tree, like hemp, of which they make cloth and girdles.
Aihoo, A garment.
Parawei, A shirt, or under garment.
Maroa, A piece of cloth worn round the-middle.
Evane, A garment made of fine matting.
Tumataw, A bonnet.
Opaitea, A mat-girdlepage 57
Tamoou, Wreaths of plaited human hair, which they fet great value upon, worn as an ornament chiefly on the head.
Poe, Ear-rings.
Poe oole oole, A yellow bead.
Poe meedee, A green bead.
Poe ere ere, A blue bead.
Ewhahana, A bow.
Eahe, An arrow.
Epanoo, A drum.
Paraow, A pair of clappers.
Vivo, A flute.
Mama, Child's pap.
Poe, A paste, or pudding, made of the roots of arum.
Peea, A strong jelly, or paste, made of the roots of arum.
Mahei, A kind of sour paste made of fermented bread-fruit.
Opepc, A sort of paste.
Monoe, Cocoa-oil.
Toonoah, A mole in the skin,
Ehaow, Sweat.
Hooàre, Spittle.
Hoòpe, Snot.
Paiya, Fat.
Matairee tona, The stye in the eye
Trapaou, A scab.
Ewhàiwhai, The elephantiasis.
Eowhàoo, The windy dropsy.
Opeepee, The numbness in the feet when they sleep.
Màtte noa, A natural death.
Heiva, A ceremony performed by the deceased's relations.
Poohira, A place, or residencepage 58
Morai, A burying-ground.
Morino Tootahau, The burying-ground of Tootahau.
Morai natówa, Our burying-place.
Whata, The edisice they lay their dead upon.
E peènei, An echo.
E paeèna. The found or noise which forms the echo
Ahoo, A fart.
Mahana, A day.
Poa, A night.
Pooore, A dark night
Otaowa, Yesterday.
Aouna, To-day.
Gboboa, To-morrow.
Obabadura, The day after to-morrow.
Itopa de mahano, Sun-set.
Otooe te po Late in the night.
Hàmanee, The temper or will.
Tatta te Hàmannee màitài, A good-natured person.
Tatta marò, A contradctory person, one that will not allow another to know as well as he.
Tatta maowra, & tatta whattaow, A great lazy, idle, or loitering person.
Tatta taowra, An industrious many also an active, clever, stirring man.
Amawhattoo, A shrew, or scold.
Maheine eawaow, An housewife.
Niaowniaow, The stench of a carcase.
Ehaowa, A smell
Motoo & puta, A hole.
Epehe, A song.
Tetooa A title usually given to their women of rank, though every woman will answer to it.
Teà, White.
Amawhàttoo, Indusirious, pains-taking,
Peèo, Bent, bending, crooked, turning, winding.page 59
Téeahaòwratea, Strait, even.
Epàceya, Smooth.
Anànnà, Transparent or clear.
Po-eèrree, Opake or dull.
Eawha, Brittle.
Orroo, òrroo, Limber, or pliable.
Eoròee, Tapering to a point.
Oëòë, teres, Long, small, or slender.
Toommoo, Blunt, opposed to oëòë.
Mènne, mènne, 'Thick, short, and round.
Tàrrà tàrrà, Crumpled or creased.
Verra verra, Hot, applied to victuals.
Marroowhai, Dry.
Emàioèeya, Lame, or crippled.
Oohàmmama, Open, expanded wide.
Ooa-peèrree, Shut, fastened, or glued together
Hobnnehoònne, Swelled.
Nooè, Large, grand, or chief.
Etee, Little, or lesser.
Nìnnoo nìnnoo, Juicy
Ewàwa, Hard and dry.
Opàrirrè, Blown down, or blown away
Etooa, Under,
Earo, Upper.
Mona, Deep.
T'joota, Ashore.
Whattata, Near at hand.
Oeta, Yonder, or without.
Epapa tahei, Single.
Niteeya, Double.
Ataowa, Together.
Woreede, Stolen.
Ooapa, Given awaypage 60
Tei moòa, Before.
Tei moòrree. Behind.
Tei ròtto poo, In the middle, or between,
Tei ròtto, Within.
Tei wahao Without.
Nehàia, When.
Tèiene, Just now.
T'èna, This.
Ehai, When, where.
Pahà, Perhaps, may be, very likely.
No reira, From their.
Paraow, peès, Rough or hard speech or tongue.
Paraow teeahaowratea; Soft speech.
Paraow ohoòmmoo Low or soft talking.
Paraow tooirro, Loud or high talk.
Taowna, A word of great contempt.
Myty, Good.
Maw myty, Good victuals.
Manamanatey, Very good, or sweet.
Eena, Middling, or so so.
Porai, To talk.
Meetee, & ehioèe; To kiss.
Woradee, To be angry
Mataow, To be affronted, or indisposed.
Eàwow, To scold.
Emòto, To box, or fight.
Mareere, To be cold.
Eporiree, To be hungry.
Eei, To eat.
Eotte, To suck.
Norothoe dè adee t'avai, To drink cocoa-nut liquor.
Amama, To yawn.
Iraòwai, To dose, slumber; or be drowsy.
Màtte roaln To die, or be dead.page 61
Edoodoo, To make cloth.
Eaow, To swim.
Toobàipai, To knock.
Toataow: To anchor.
Heapoonnè, To encompass, or encircle
©oawhèwhè, To entangle.
Ehoòtè te Oops, To pull one by the hair.
Eninnei, To squeeze, or press one.
Pattòe, To jostle, or shake one.
Ewhàttoe, To jog, or shuffle against a perform
Oòmohaooa, To cram, or thrust into one.
Taweèrree, To twine or whirl any thing about; to wring; also to pluck or gather cocoa-nuts by twirling them round.
Hiaree, To pluck or gather fruits.
Taowra, To twine, cord, or line.
Eàee niea te màtto, To climb up rocks.
Epèe niea, To go up with a rope.
Tìrai te pàhee, To build, or make a ship or large canae.
Whainaow, To beget.
Eeraira, To jump, or leap over.
Eheèya, To tumble.
Etoòrài, To drive, throw, or push dawn.
Emàiroo, To sting
Ephàow, To smell
Eoòma, To nip.
Tootoòà, To spit.
Eetoò, To stand.
Ehèhe, To buz like a fly.
Mèamèa, & èrea èriea, To shrink or shudder at any thing.
Airareè, To fly.
Emàow, To stick or adhere to any thing.
Taimòradee, To reel to and fro
Ehò, To buy, exchange, or barter.page 62
Manooaheènnee, To depend or bang upon.
Etoò, To lower, or set down upon the ground.
Eàma, To carry on the shoulders.
Madàidài, To look at, handle, or touch; to view.
Epa, To give.
Evaha, To be carried over the water.
Mnyneenee, or myneerea, To tickle.
Itopa, To fall.
A wharr awai, To go or pass away.
Wahoee & ehaòe, To turn, or go back again.
Eheèro harre ehòe To come and go.
Toòiro, To shout or halloo at one.
Aiwee, To understand, or comprehend; to listen, or give ear.
Ewhàro, To believe.
Emàro, To disbelieve.
Hoòna haòwnna, To deny, or disbelieve.
Ewa, or ooai, It rains.
Eoeffra, It lightens.
Patiree, It thunders.
Whaow whaow, It stinks.
Eho mai, & harre mai, Come to me.
Ehòee mai, Row to me.
Paraow mai, Speak to me.
Aremina, Come with me.
Eeyaha, or Ihaya, Get away, or get you gone.
Hareioota, Go you there or yonder.
Harenaow, Do you go with me.
Ara mai, Follow me, or come hither.
Atira, Stop.
Area, Stay.
Parahei, Sit down.
Ainao, Take care.
Eeyo, or tirara, Look you.page 63
Titara, Let me look, or shew me.
Mamoo, Hold your tongue.
Tehai, Where is he?
Oewai, What is your name?
Noa oie tehai, Where is such a person?
Harehiea, Whither do you go?
Wahoèe, What is it?
T'ahoe t'eha, Of what is this garment made?
Eha, What? or What say you?
Eha t'oe, tirree eetee, What would you please to have?'
Tai poe etee noòw, Pray give me a little head?
Ooàteea te tirre n'oe, You shall have what you want.
Eaoòwha te matai, The wind has changed.
Mate, My sickness.
Neeheeo, Good night.
Waow, I.
Naow, Myself.
Tooanahoe & tooanahahow, You and I.
Nat'owa, Ours.
Potohe, Firstly.
Aiba, aim, aipa, aita, & aiya, Are all negatives, and pronounced with the tongue thrust a little way out of the mouth.
Nata, An article which signifies of.
Taipara, tideo, tidoo, Words used in their songs.

* Tootahau's house is one hundred and twenty yards long, and twenty yards broad: the roof is supported by twenty posts, each nineteen feet high.