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Golder Editorial : the Poetry of William Golder (1810–1876)

The New Zealand Electronic Text Centre as Publisher

The New Zealand Electronic Text Centre as Publisher

The NZETC is at the forefront of work to digitise and deliver online texts and associated resources. Mass digitisation projects such as Google Book and Project Gutenberg mean that the full text of millions of books, newspapers and journals is now available online. The NZETC works on projects that explore how best to take advantage of the fact that these millions of texts are no longer separate physical entities on shelves but digital streams of data that can be computationally processed and enhanced.

Encoding conventions

This edition observes the conventions established by the Text Encoding Initiative for the representation of print texts in a digital and web environment, as implemented by the New Zealand Electronic Text Centre. The specific encoding conventions are available. The edition is based on archival quality digital images of the original publications, which are held by the Hocken Library and the Alexander Turnbull Library. These images were produced by the Heritage Materials Imaging Facility. The poetry has been transcribed and is searchable (see below).

The Topic Map Delivery Framework

The Topic Map delivery framework that has been developed by the Centre is a step towards presenting the complex cross-references within a collection of material as a navigable framework.

The literary ontology which has been developed for the Golder edition represents a significant enhancement of that framework — it provides for the modelling and display of interpretive as well as factual connections and cross-references.

The guiding conception of the Golder e-edition is one in which interpretation of Golder’s poetry is opened to any reader through the provision of full-text versions of related contemporary materials and the ability to search among those texts.