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Golder Editorial : the Poetry of William Golder (1810–1876)

Introduction to the Digital Edition

Introduction to the Digital Edition

This web edition has been designed to take advantage of the distinctive capabilities of digital media and the edition’s location in the New Zealand Electronic Text Collection (NZETC)’s digital library. The NZETC’s digital collections are increasingly of out-of-publication New Zealand heritage cultural documents, especially from the nineteenth century.

The edition includes: page images which represent as faithfully as possible the look and feel of the original publications; transcription of the contents and their encoding so that they can be searched; inclusion of related pictorial and textual materials, including critical commentary; links between these materials and specific poems; links to other sources of primary information.

The inclusion of other texts which were published or created during the same period that Golder wrote and published his poetry, and the results of new research, are is intended to assist readers to interpret Golder’s poetry. This work is progressive; new contextual and critical material is being added as time and funding permit.

This project is a further stage in thinking through and exemplifying what is required to create a scholarly edition in a digital environment of poetical works originally published in print. An important part of the challenge is to respond fully to the potentials and distinctive capabilities of the web as a publishing medium.

A full account of processing this edition can be found here: 'Textscapes and Landscapes: a settler poet goes on-line', in eds Timothy W. Luke and Jeremy Hunsinger, Putting Knowledge to Work and Letting Information Play: The Center for Digital Discourse and Culture (Blacksburg VA: The Center for Digital Discourse and Culture, 2010). www.cddc.vt.edu/10th-book/putting_knowledge_to_work.pdf