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Botanical Discovery in New Zealand: The Resident Botanists


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The portraits of Colenso (page 3), Cheeseman (page 12), and Cockayne (page 21), and the illustrations of th double crepe fern and tusock grassland (page 5 and page 28) are used by courtesy of the Dominion Museum.

The orchid Pterostylis trullifolia (page 13) and the flower of rewarewa (page 14) were drawn by Margaret A. Morison, and are used by courtesy of the Dominion Museum.

The twig of Hebe armstrongii (page 22) was drawn by Nancy M. Adams and is used by courtesy of the Botany Divison of the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research.

The map of Colenso's journeys (inside front cover) is used by permision of Mr. A. G. Bagnall. It was draughted by Carl N. Watson, who also drew the map of the outling islands on page 24.

Colensoa physaloides (page 9), Cheesemania latesilaua (page 19), and Cockaynea gracilis (papge 31) were drawn by RichardSharell, the first two after Miss Matida Smith (in Illustrations of the New Zealand Flora), the last after J. Buchanan (in Indiegenous Grasses of New Zealand).

The seedling leaves of Hebe armstrongii (page 23) are from L. Cockayne's own illustrations to his Inquiry into the Seedling Forms of New Zealand Phanerogams and their Development, published in the Transactions and Proceedings of the New Zealand Institute, Vol XXXIII.

The leaves of Nothofagus (page 29) are after the illustrations to[gap — reason: unclear] L.Cockayne's and Esmond Atkinson's On the New Zealand wild hybrids of Nothofagus, published in Genetica VIII, 1926.

The photograph of sand-dunes near Bulls (page 26) was taken by National Publicity Studios [gap — reason: unclear]

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