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Reports of the Native Affairs Committee, 1898.

Final Report

Final Report.

I have the honour to report that the Native Affairs Committee held its final meeting of the present session this morning, being the fifty-ninth.

With the 53 petitions held over from last session, the Committee had before it 150 petitions. Of these 103 have been reported on; the remaining 47 are unavoidably held over. (See accompanying list.)

The following Bills were before the Committee and after due consideration reported on: The East Coast Native Land Board Bill, the Native Lands Settlement and Administration Bill, the Landless Natives Bill.

In connection with the Native Lands Settlement and Administration Bill the Committee took a large amount of evidence, which will appear in the Appendices to the Journals. (See I.–3A.)

Before closing the following resolution was passed, and I was instructed to report the same, viz.: "That the Committee desires to draw attention to the necessity of providing better accommodation than has hitherto been the case for the transaction of business in connection with Native affairs, and it is recommended that a room of extra dimensions should be set apart for the Committee and separate rooms for the interpreters and Native witnesses."

3rd November, 1898.

Petitions undealt with.

No. Petitioners. By whom presented.
259 Hone Tuhata Mr. Wi Pere.
269 Thomas Thoms Mr. Heke.
276 Parahiku Waiporo and 70 Others Hon. Sir Maurice O'Rorke.
350 M. K. Kapukai and Another Mr. Heke.
358 Ngawaina Hanikamu Mr. Parata.
33 W. and S. Gower and 16 Others Mr. G. Hutchison.
69 Renata Tamehana and 6 Others Mr. Wi Pere.
70 Timi Waata Rimini Mr. Wi Pere.
71 Tuta Nihoniho Mr. Wi Pere.
73 Wiremu Hoete Mr. Kaihau.
107 Te Kowhai Tarahina and 32 Others Mr. Kaihau.
112 Ewe Hohua Mr. Kaihau.
114 Iriwhata and 3 Others Mr. Kaihau.
130 Pera Kati and 151 Others Mr. Kaihau.
131 Te Area and 129 Others Mr. Kaihau.
132 Iriwhata and 7 Others Mr. Kaihau.
143 James McLellan Mr. Lawry.
152 Ihaka Amuamu and 90 others Mr. Parata.
153 Maika Taruke and 4 Others Mr. Wi Pere.
181 Epanais. Whaanga and 67 Others Mr. Parata.
189 Gustav Adolph Hirsehberg Mr. Field.
193 Riria Teo Waina and 2 Others Hon. Sir Maurice O'Rorke.
191 John McGregor Mr. Carson.
231 Mauhana Ture and 79 Others Mr. Parata.
239 Irimina Tutua Hapuku and 36 Others Mr. Kaihau.
243 Te Hau Waitere and 3 Others Mr. Kaihau.
244 Parepumai te Whetuiti Mr. Kaihau.
245 Hori Rewa Rangitikei and 9 Others Mr. Kaihau.
246 Te Hata Hokopaura and 34 Others Mr Kaihau.
247 Rewi Toheriri and 13 Others Mr. Kaihau.
248 Wepiha te Waimohu and 98 Others Mr. Kaihau.
276 Taupapa Rautahi and 4 Others Mr. Kaihau.
299 Te Uapiki Patara and 3 Others Mr. Parata.
271 Pitiera Wainohu and 38 Others Mr. Kaihau.
277 Tapapa Rautahi and 4 Others Mr. Kaihau.
280 Tapapa Rautahi and 3 Others Mr. Wi Pere.
283 E. Gallagher and 47 Others Hon. A. J. Cadman.
297 Te Whairiri Renata Mr. Wi Pere.
300 Ngatete Karaka te Aho and Another Mr. Kaihau.
301 Wi Mahuri Mataitaua Mr. Wi Pere.
314 Waingarunui and 17 Others Mr. Kaihau.
315 Pare Turanga and 61 Others Mr. Kaihau.
336 Renata Paora Mr. O'Meara.
340 Urupeni Puhara and 10 Others Mr. Wi Pere.
354 Ruihi Wuunu Mr. Kaihau.
378 Hataraka W. Poihipi Hon. Sir Maurice O'Rorke.
389 Rihipeti Nireaha and 22 Others Mr. Hogg.