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Reports of the Native Affairs Committee, 1896.

Decrees under "The Native Land (Validation of Titles) Act, 1893."

Decrees under "The Native Land (Validation of Titles) Act, 1893."

I have the honour to report that the Committee have had the parliamentary papers mentioned hereunder, containing the decrees made by the Validation Court appointed under "The Native Land (Validation of Titles) Act, 1893," before them, and that they cannot recommend the House to interfere with any of the decisions contained therein.

The following are the papers considered, viz.:—
  • No. G. 39.—Re Mirimiri No. 1 Block;
  • No. G. 100.—Re Kourateuwhi Nos. 1 and 1A, Taora No. 1, and Wharekaka A and B Blocks;
  • No. G. 106.—Re Whangara Block;
  • No. G. 115.—Re Tahora Nos. 201, 202, 203, 25, 2G, and Koutu No. 1B.
  • No. 119G.—Re Mangaheia No. 2 Block (reported on separately);
  • No. 127G.—Re Mangaheia No. 2D, Maungawaru No. 2 and No. 3, Maraetaha No. 2, Sections 3, 4, and 6, Kowhai No. 1, and Wharekaka C;
  • No. 140G.—Re Tamaki Block;
  • No. 158G.—Re Maraetaha No. 2, Section 1;
  • No. 165.—Applications lodged and decrees made up to the 31st July, 1896;
  • No. 166G.—Re Makaiketeroa F and Roto-o-tahe Blocks;
  • No. 173G.—Re Pakarae No. 1 Block;
  • No. 181G.—Re Mangapoiki 2F, A, B, 2A 3, 2B, 2D, 2E, and Tapuihikitea A and B Blocks;
  • No. 188G.—Re Tauwharetoi No. 3A Whangara, and Rotokautuku No. 1;
  • No. 204G.—Re Waihengahenga; and
  • No. 206G.—Re Kourateuwhi No. 2C.