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Reports of the Native Affairs Committee, 1892.

Schedule of Petitions undealt-with, 1892

page 18

Schedule of Petitions undealt-with, 1892.

No. Petitioner. Presented by Subject.
276 Hera Puna and 7 others Mr. Rees Te Kauri Block.
569 Matenga Moraiti and others Mr. Kapa Church land at Moutoa, Manawatu.
706 Ngahina and others Mr. Taipua Whareroa Block.
725 Penetira Rongiteora and 12 others Mr. Wilson Ngakaroro Block.
244 Piripi te Maana and 11 others Hon. Mr. Carroll Wairarapa Lakes.
286 Wiremu K. Poakatahi Mr. Kapa Ninihi Block.
288 Makere Tawhai and 4 others Mr. Kapa Te Rurunga Block.
340 Wiremu Taipua Mr. Taipua Motutere Block
342 Hamiora te Hunga Hon. Mr. Carroll Ruatangata Block.
344 Ngapera Kokino Hon. Mr. Carroll Patutahi Block.
378 Nepia Mahuika and 6 others Hon. Mr. Carroll Waihuka Block.
375 Retireti Tapihana Hon. Mr. Carroll Pukaitaru Block, Road into.
383 Pouwharetapu Tuirirangi and another Mr. Taipua Papanui-Okarioi Block.
384 Waretini Tukerehu and 34 others Mr. Taipua Rohe Potae Block.
385 Pouwharetapu Tuirirangi Mr. Taipua Aotea Block.
386 Te Ropiha Taurua and 46 others Mr. Taipua For land promised near Patea.
408 Remana Nutana Mr. Taipua Waitetuna Block.
409 Remana Nutana Mr. Taipua Re Reserve for loyal Ngatimahangas in Karamu Parish.
407 Henare Roera and 6 others Mr. Taipua Mahunoa Block.
415 Te Huakanga te Roha and 4 others Mr. Taipua Re title to land at Ramahika.
440 Huru te Hiaro and others Dr. Newman Kaihinu Block.
485 Richard T. Blake and 4 others Hon. Mr. Carroll Re their lands under control of Public Trustee.
580 Te Ngarapiki Mr. Taipua Re dispute about survey, Aotea Block.
629 William Paroatema and others Sir George Grey Omahu Block.
657 Mehaka Rererangi and 62 others Mr. Parata Re lands under West Coast Native settlements.
658 Donald McGregor and 55 others Mr. McGuire Re opening for settlement certain lands in Taranaki.
701 Ropeha Haungenge and 3 others Mr. MeGuire. For removal of alienation of certain lands in Taranaki.
679 Where te Hape and another Mr. Taipua For grant of land in Taranaki.
697 Tumai and others Mr. E. M. Smith Purangi Block.
709 Arihi te Nahu and 7 others Mr. Parata Waimarama and other blocks.
728 C. B. Morison Mr. G. Hutchison Protest proposed against new clauses in Native Land Validation Bill.
684 Lucy Takiora Dalton Mr. McGuire Re premise made by Government to grant certain lands in Stratford, Taranaki.
7th October, 1892.