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Reports of the Native Affairs Committee, 1877.

Report on Petition of Matiaha Mokai

Report on Petition of Matiaha Mokai.

Petitioner states that the Akikouka case has been repeatedly investigated by committees of Native chiefs, and always with a result favourable to petitioner; that it has been twice investigated by the Native Land Court with a like result; and that a Select Committee of the House of Representatives has twice recommended the issue of the Crown grant; but that these recommendations have not been given effect to.

I am directed to report as follows:—

That, in reference to this petition, there can be no doubt that the statements made therein are substantially correct. The Native Affairs Committee of last session reported on this matter as follows:—

"That, in the opinion of the Committee, the danger of any trouble arising from the issue of the Grown grant has been over-estimated by the Native Department.

"The Committee recommend, therefore, that grants should be issued in the terms of the certificate, and as required by law, without further delay."

The Committee do not believe that any reason exists which would justify the Government in refusing to give effect to the recommendation so made.

John Bryce,

25th September, 1877.