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The New Zealand Spectator and Cook’s Strait Guardian, Wednesday, March 5, 1862

A song.
Sir George Grey’s welcome to Wellington.

Tune.—“Miss Forbes’ Farewell to Banff.”

Come, Beldame, hae ye heard the news?
Fling by yer patchin’ duds o’ claes;
Bestir thee noo an’ red the house,
Then deck thee as in bridal days:
For this is use time for sic toils,
Nor wi’ rheumatics stiff tae grane;
But brighten up yer ancient smiles
To welcome Geordie back again!

Ye ken langsyne, how Geordie toil’d
To mak’ us hearty, ane an’ a’;
An’ how we thoucht our fortune foil’d,
Whan he was forced to gang awa:
Though time will aye its changes bring,
Yet stedfast let leal hearts remain;
An’ owre auld favours sing
To welcome Geordie back again!

The folks, langsyne, wha grieved him sair,
An’ did him wi’ their banters bang,
Are busy noo, wi’ great prepare,
To meet him foremost i’ the thrang;
Because, ye ken they’ve learn’d his worth,
An’ noo tae mak’ amends they’re fain;
For see! how they’d stir heav’n an’ earth,
To welcome Geordie back again!

Sae noo, Guidwife, though we be auld,
Let’s no’ be hindmost i’ the shine,
Nor treat him as wi’ puirtith cauld,
Forgetfu’ o’ his deeds langsyne:
But let remebr’ance stir us up
Tae shake our shanks like youngsters fain;
An’ pledge to future, bless the cap,
An’ welcome Geordie back again!