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Correspondence Relative to the Manawatu Block



Maramaihoea, Rangitikei,

To DR. Featherston (Superintendent),—

9th- September, 1866.

Father, salutations. This word of mine is to you and your Runanga. The work of Parakaia is commenced, he has divided Rangitikei through to Oroua and all its parts. We and the Ngatiapa have got up to pull down the poles of Parakaia and Nepia Taratoa. When Wi Pukapuka and I arrived we saw Nepia, his companions and Europeans, surveying inside our places, and dragging their chain The chain of the white man and his Maori friends (Nepia and Co.) was taken away.

Father, hearken. The name of that European is Hughes. We and Nepia began to remonstrate. Wiremu Pukapuka then ordered the white man away: "Do you return; do not come here and cause trouble;" but we said no evil words to that European, our returning him was good. The cause of our returning the Pakeha was, because he had taken the liberty to survey the land given to you by the three tribes, Ngtiraukawa, Ngatiapa, Rangitane. It has been truly given into your hands, but the error is not his; his error is hearkening to the works.of Nepia and Parakaia.

Father, do hearken. If that Pakeha comes to town, and says we used evil words towards him it is untrue. Do not you and your Runanga hearken to him. After the Pakeha had been sent away he went to the Europeans of Rangitikei telling them lies,—we used evil words towards him.

Father, we never saw a greater liar than this European; who is the man able to give bad words to that Pakeha ? Do you hearken to the words of that Pakeha ? He has been sent here by the Colony of New Zealand to work out the foundation—the land that we have given into your hands.

Father, it is Parakaia who urges on the Hau Haus. This man Parakaia, who is causing (or exciting) evil, because he has joined the Hau Haus; and this is his own work to withhold the land.

That is all. From your true friend,