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Correspondence Relative to the Manawatu Block

[Translation.] — A Notification; let it be printed in the Press (Karere.)

A Notification; let it be printed in the Press (Karere.)

Manawatu, 2nd February, 1866.

To Mr. FitzGerald,—

This is a word to you about the land at Manawatu, here; we will describe the boundaries, so that you may know. Commencing at Te Maire, thence towards the summit of Tararua, from Te Maire to Otauru, Opapa, Te Iwiomoa, Tewe o whanaka, Paewhaka Marumaru, Oputaati, Otuahu, on to the saddle of Tararua, thence going down into Mongohao, thence downwards as far as the Arawaru road, then it goes again up to Tararua, and returns to Manawatu; proceeding to Arawaru it joins the boundary of the land sold by Hirawanu to the Queen, thence along the Queen's boundary to Mangawharawhara, thence going along in the midst of Makererua, Ngapukaro, Hingatiraha, thence along the course of the Manawatu, Te Mai, Parikawau, Te Kopiro, Titiuha, Mangamahoe, Te Paparewa Hikaretu, Tokomaru, here it meets Te Maire (the commencing point.) The great mountains within these boundaries are—Te Whakaangiangi Tihipakirakira, Kaihinu, Taumatawharawhara, Taumatahouhou, Te Pohatu, Maungaarake, Te Paki, and Tamaro. This land we will continue to hold fast to. We do not like that any man should without right offer it for sale; do you be certainly informed the men who are so urgent to sell within these boundaries are, Huru te Hiaro and To Warena Mahuri; they are of page 4Rangitane. If these men go to the Government and ask for money in payment for that land, let it on no account be given them lest it become a cause of evil amongst us; let the Government be very cautious; think not that we will not let you know of the evil.

(Here follow 27 signatures.)

Be quick in sending this to the Press (te Perehi) so that all the Pakehas may see it, and the Maoris also.