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Home and Building, Volume 18 Number 1 (June 1955)

Architectural Subjects in Stamp Design

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Architectural Subjects in Stamp Design

a few examples of stamps with an architectural motif.

a few examples of stamps with an architectural motif.

Special issues of stamps these times are made for all manner of events and occasions and depict an equal variety of subjects.

And in the matter of architecture and housing, a worthy number of commemorative issues have been made from time to time.

Most have come from countries overseas, and served to honour national architects, while housing conferences have been suitably marked in new issues.

It should not be forgotten either that many stamps portray examples of world architectural landmarks as well, using such designs in general series.

In 1930 three stamps went on issue throughout Brazil for the holding of the 4th Pan-American Architectural Congress. These between them depicted a close-up view of a huge skyscraper, a rising sun emblem, and a night scene.

Six charity stamps were issued by Austria in 1934 in memory of Austrian architects. The designs portrayed A. Pilgrim, principally remembered for his Organ loft of the St. Stephen's Cathedral in Vienna; also J. B. Fischer, of Earlach, with the Church of St. Charles, in Vienna.

Another stamp showed J. Prandtauer, while the likeness of A. Von Siggurdsburg and E. Van der Null were represented with the Vienna Opera House, as their masterpiece. Heinrich von Ferstal figured with the Votive Church, Vienna.

A picture of another architect, Otto

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Wagner, with the bridgehead of the Nussdort Lock, in Vienna, concluded the series.

Six ordinary and five airmail stamps were included in the set of stamps issued in Mexico in 1936 in connection with the 16th International Town Planning and Housing Congress held at Mexico City.

The designs represented pictures of the Arch of the Revolution; an aerial view of the Cathedral and Constitution Square, Mexico City, with the National Theatre and Independence Column also displayed.

The ruins of Chicen Itza, in Yucatan and Acapulco Beach were also typified in the series.

The subject of an issue made in October, 1939, for the 1st Pan-American Housing Congress, at Beunos Aires, Brazil, was a family looking with satisfaction and joy at a newly-completed suburban-type home, replete with gardens and trees.

Columbia in 1950 produced an interesting series of three stamps to celebrate a Housing Campaign in that country. The common motif used comprised a neat farmhouse, flanked by palms and a contented cow.

The 1st Soviet Architectural Congress was similarly commemorated with stamps, issued in 1937. Eight values, these in fine style featured the Meyerhoid Theatre, the General Post Office, the Red Army Theatre, Hotel Moscow and the Palace of the Soviets.

Another issue for City Planning Day appeared in November, 1952, in Brazil, when displayed as the subject of the design was a view of modern buildings in San Paulo, linked by an immense compass.

In May, 1953, Brazil devoted a single stamp to commemorate the centenary of the birth of Aarao Reis, well-known national architect. A plan of Bello Horizonte with a portrait of Reis at the right appeared as subject.

One of the stamps in a German "workers" set in 1934 represented a typical architect at work, while included also were designs showing a clerk, a mason, miner, blacksmith, farmer, scientist, sculptor and judge.

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