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Papers Relative to the Native Meeting Held at Peria, in October, 1862

3rd Day, Saturday, October 26th

3rd Day, Saturday, October 26th.

The debate was resumed upon the Pakanga Whenua (land feuds) questions, and discussed well and temperately, and finally agreed to as above.

William Thompson proposed two new questions—

I.Nama (debt).
II.Pakehas living in Native Districts, divided into two heads—
a.Pakeha hoko.
b.Pakeha mahi wairua.
I.The debate on debt was useful and good. Pakehas were to be paid, but debt was prohibited for the future.page 11
II.Pakehas living in Native districts. Hoera, of Ngatiporou read the Kawakawa laws, one of which expressed Sir R. Bethell's "true idea of the supremacy."

"To cut out the tongue of any minister who treated the authority of the Maori King with contempt, and any Pakeha who treated the King with contempt to be expelled."

Wirihana Toatoa (Ngatikahungunu), objected to such laws as promoting division between them and the Pakehas, describing their own position among the settlers at Ahuriri. and the peaceable way in which they lived together.

"Our King is set up—love,
"Our King is set up—esteem,
"Our King is set up—unity.
"Our King cannot be set up by division."

At this stage of the meeting, about one on Saturday, I asked William Thompson when the greater questions, Waitara, Tataraimaka, and the Governor's plans would be discussed.

He said that his wish had been overruled, and they would not be discussed at all. I said, then I have nothing more that I care to hear at this meeting; and went away.

The Pakeha question, I afterwards heard, was discussed in a friendly spirit; and it was agreed that Pakehas were at liberty to stay where they are. But I did not myself hear the decision.