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Papers Relative to the Native Meeting Held at Peria, in October, 1862

Puhirua, November 3rd, 1862

Puhirua, November 3rd, 1862.

To the Tutanekai, or rather to Te Waiatua, To Pekamu Tohi, To Tukihaumene, and To Hori Haupapa and Akuhata.

Friends, We have arrived from Peria, we were present at Tamehana's meeting. The subjects discussed at that meeting were these: the stopping of the roads;—second, putting a stop to land leasing; third, to prevent quarrels between brothers about their lands, their heavy hands to be restrained; the fourth, Pakehas living scattered among the Maoris to be kindly treated; fifth, all past and present debts of Maori and European to be paid, but if the Pakehas give any goods upon credit after the making of this law, they are not to be paid for; the sixth, the whakawa of the Sing and the Queen to stand separate, for it is not well for the Queen to whakawa the king; seventh, widows, orphans, poor people, and wanderers to be kindly treated. The people have decided that these shall be established as laws for all New Zealand. On the 24th they were confirmed by the chiefs of this Island. On the 21st Matutaera Potatau came to see the people. His first word was, "Welcome, O people! Hold fast to religion; be kind to man, for we are dark-skinned and the Pakehas are white-skinned." Here his speech ended and he recited a song.


Ngakapa Te Horeta stood up and said,

Hearken, O people of the king, Tararu I throw to you as it contains gold, it may be dug by you, by all the tribes of Aotearoa: You burrow there for ever, All the lands throughout this Island are in the hands of the king only. It is ended.

From Kaingarara.
From the Runanga of Tauakiheimoa, and from Te Katene, Te Rumaiti,
Friends, It is correct.

To Pekamu.

To te Tutanekai.