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Access and Downloads

Access and Downloads

Accessing NZETC texts

We have endeavoured to provide a collection which is easy to access, search and navigate through.

  • Our collection is indexed by search engines meaning you can access our texts using an appropriate search strategy on your favourite engine.
  • Each entity in our topic map has a directory page that lists mentions of this entity in other works throughout the collection.
  • Each time there is a hyperlinked name it will take you to this directory page.
  • Our solr search engine allows you to construct your own searches and refine them using facets. Facets include people, places, organisation, projects, language.
  • All our works are listed in corpora which are displayed on the projects page.
  • The NZETC uses a selection of subject headings to group texts together.
  • The Author and Works pages list all the authors and works in our collection.
  • DigitalNZ harvests our collection periodically. Searching the DigitalNZ website will often return NZETC texts.

We find that the majority of visitors to our collection find material on our site via a search engine, therefore we try to provide information about a given text in the side-bar appearing next to the digital text.

Downloadable NZETC Texts

NZETC texts can be downloaded in four different formats. Epub, PDF, TEI-XML and DAISY (Digital Accessible Information System) audio books. Unfortunately we can't offer all formats for each text.

  • Epub. Epub is a free and open standard for e-books and is accepted by a wide range of devices, such as ereaders and tablet computers. The Epub format can be converted into other formats if your device does not support Epub by installing software like Calibre on your PC.
  • PDFs. Many NZETC texts have downloadable PDF files for example the Typo collection, Nineteenth Century Novel Collection and JC Beaglehole Letters. Some PDFs contain page images of the original printed works where it is deemed important to see the original.
  • TEI-XML. TEI-XML is the language that we use to encode our texts. Each TEI-XML file is then transformed into HTML for display on our website.
  • DAISY. The NZETC has made available audio books in the DAISY format for some of our collection.

Epub files can also be read in your browser by installing plugins such as EPUBReader. Some collections on the NZETC (such as Sport Literary Journal) do not have downloadable epubs because we do not have permission to make the entire document available.