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Nelson Historical Society Journal, Volume 7, Issue 4, 2012

The Takaka Pioneers’ Memorial — Part II

page 61

The Takaka Pioneers’ Memorial

Part II

The table on the following pages lists the names and other details of the 69 pioneers listed on the Takaka Pioneers’ Memorial.

This is a best current effort at defining who, why, where and what each pioneer was. I apologise for omissions (no records found) and mistaken information.

I acknowledge considerable thanks to local historians, families and individuals who have published comprehensive family histories, Papers Past website, Golden Bay Museum, Richmond and Nelson Libraries, Nelson Museum Archives, Stoke Latter Day Saints Family Centre, Nelson City and Tasman District Council cemetery records and various genealogy websites.

Takaka Pioneer’s Memorial shortly after construction 1909. Ken Wright Postcard Collection.

Takaka Pioneer’s Memorial shortly after construction 1909. Ken Wright Postcard Collection.

The initials following “Arrived NZ” date are: NN Nelson; LYT Lyttelton; WN Wellington

page 62

Central Panel

Pioneer Name Ship (From) Arrived NZ (Arr. Takaka Wife (Nee) Occupation and District Died (Age) (Buried)
James LOVELL Lord Auckland (Gravesend) 1842 NN (1842) 1. Ann (Brown) 2. Mrs Sarah Boden (Fletcher) From Gloucester, cooper, first white settlers Motupipi, spoke Maori, sawyer Motueka, boat builder, owned a Bay trading vessel, Motupipi inn keeper, store keeper, butcher and baker at Gibbs Town, Tarakohe boarding house, Takaka Road Board. 8 Apr 1879 (64) (Clifton)
Benjamin LOVELL Lord Auckland (Gravesend) 1842 NN (-) Hester (Spicer) Brother of James, pit sawing Motueka, Motupipi, digger Waingaro, farmer Motueka. 28 Aug 1873 (65) (Motueka)
Joseph PACKARD Benicia (London) 1848 NN (1850) Eliza (Bartrum) From Suffolk, agricultural labourer, Motueka, pit sawyer, Clifton, lemon grove, Takaka Road Board, school committee, Collingwood County Council, Oddfellows Lodge, Anglican lay reader, died at Nelson Hospital. 8 Jan 1918 (92) (Clifton)
William GIBBS Duke Of Bronte (Gravesend) 1852 LYT (1852) Betsey (Lincoln) Glazier and painter, farming Motupipi, store Collingwood goldfield, Gibbs Town (Collingwood), farmer Totaranui, Provincial Council, Anglican lay reader, Golden Bay Magistrate. 7 Nov 1896 (77) (Wakapuaka)
John McCredie HALDANE 1855 (1855) Christina (Ross) From Ayrshire, Scotland, emigrated to Australia 1847, married 1855 in Adelaide, Lower Takaka School Committee, “Burnside” Waitapu, Takaka, Haldane Rd. 29 Apr 1889 (63) (East Takaka)
William GOLDNEY 1856 (-) Ann (Purcell) 1857 digger, Takaka Goldfield, farmer, Long Plain, Kotinga, Takaka Road Board. 8 Dec 1911 (93) (Wakapuaka)
John Perry ROBINSON Phoebe (Gravesend) 1843 NN (1855) Mary (Gaskell) Born Surrey, wood turner, headmaster Bridge St school, store keeper Nelson, Bay of Islands, Auckland, built steam powered sawmill at Motupipi, Provincial Superintendent, lived at Motupipi, drowned at the Buller Bar, Westport, body never recovered. 28 Jan 1865 (56)
Charles NICOLL Fifeshire (London) 1842 NN (1855) Sarah Ann (Horn) Wheelwright and millwright, saw mill Motupipi, Takaka Road Board, moved to Blenheim. 11 May 1882 (75) (Omaka)
Owen KEOGHAN - (1855) Anna Maria (Jacobsen) (also spelt Kogan, Koghan, McKeoghan), from County Monaghan, farmer, digger Appoo’s Gully, metallic ochre paint mill Onehau, flax mill, won Tatts lottery £900 in 1901. 19 Jun 1915 (81)(Hamama)page 64
James SPITTALL Whitby (Gravesend) 1841 NN (1854) Isabella (Messer) Married 1840 at Edinburgh, NZ Company chainman (first ashore in Nelson?), found gold nugget at Collingwood in 1843, Wakapuaka, Nelson, farmer, 1873, grew hops at Lower Anatoki, publican Anatoki Inn, river ferry, Oddfellows Lodge, died of a gunshot wound. 4 Apr 1893 (71) (Kotinga)
Francis Yarde HICKS - (1854) Bachelor Born 1821, son of Rev James Champion Hicks, Range Worthy, Gloucestershire, Takaka, employed by Rout, gold digger Lower Anatoki, store keeper, publican, 1873, grew hops at Motupipi River, constable, court clerk, Takaka, spoke Maori, Secretary Takaka Road Board, Masonic Lodge, slaughter house inspector Takaka, Anglican Church lay reader, retired March 1896, 1900 farmer at Frankton. 1911 (71) (Hautapu, Cambridge)
Thomas HITCHCOCK Marchioness (Melbourne) 1854 NN (1856) Elizabeth (Elliot) From Buckinghamshire, baker, left England 1849 for Melbourne, labourer, farmer Long Plain Takaka. 15 Sep 1903 (77) (Kotinga)
George James SPARROW John Masterman (Gravesend) 1857 NN (1857) Harriet (Smith) First vet in South Island, Nelson, Richmond, Cpt Nelson Volunteer Rifles, Anglican Church lay reader for 12yrs, JP, Provincial Council, Chair Takaka Road Board, coroner, farmer. 20 Dec 1884 (70) (East Takaka)
Duncan McCALLUM Clarendon (Melbourne) 1856 NN (1856) Margaret(Kennedy) Both from Scotland, Victoria, Australia, wheelwright, builder, Takaka, Long Plain, McCallum Road. 6 Jan 1910 (83) (Kotinga)
James McDONALD Bard of Avon (Gravesend) 1863 NN (1864) Isabella (?) From Ross-shire, Scotland, blacksmith & ship builder, Nelson for 1yr, sheep farmer Gorge Creek, East Takaka, involved in establishing Anglican church, library & school at East Takaka. 4 Jun 1909 (80) (East Takaka)
Robert SCOTT Ariel (Melbourne) 1856 NN (1856) Jessie (McDonald) From Scotland, blacksmith & farrier, farmer Long Plain, Takaka, also had land at West Takaka. 16 July 1905 (77) (Kotinga)
Alfred DODSON Lloyds (London) 1842 NN (1854) Elizabeth (Hibberd) Arrived age 10, Wakapuaka, Motupipi 1854, coal mining Motupipi 1855, 1873 grew hops Long Plain, “Mount Mistake”, Takaka Hotel & Dodson’s ferry Takaka River, Takaka Rd Board, Dodson Road, died at Wakapuaka. 4 Jun 1899 (67) (?)
James Leyden BALLANTYNE Ariel (Melbourne) 1856 NN (1856) Bachelor Born Denholm, Scotland, to Australia 1854, arrived 1856 from Australia, digger at Takaka, then to Collingwood and Gabriels Gully, Otago, farmed at Long Plain, lived in Maori Rd, Waitapu, grew hops. 18 Feb 1907 (73) (Kotinga)
page 66

Right Panel

Pioneer Name Ship (From) Arrived NZ (Arr. Takaka Wife (Nee) Occupation and District Died (Age) (Buried)
George TAYLOR Birman (Gravesend) 1842 NN (1856) Mary (Storey) Agricultural labourer, Nelson, clerk, Anchor Inn & Trafalgar Hotel Nelson, Takaka diggings, police constable, Post Master, Takaka, “Jesmond” farm Takaka, Odd Fellows Lodge. 18 Dec 1875 (60) (East Takaka)
Henry Wellington BURT London (Gravesend) 1840 WN (1855) Anne (Brewerton) Arrived Wellington, Tinakori Rd, 1842 Haven Rd, Nelson, store keeper & farmer Motupipi, Pohara Valley. 28 Mar 1896 (81) (Clifton)
Robert Ross FELLOWES Spray (Melbourne) 1855 NN (-) Catherine (Dunne) From Liverpool, ran a sawmill Motupipi, digger Anatoki, Waitapu, ran the Globe Inn Waitapu. 8 May 1898 (73) (East Takaka)
William PAGE Bolton (Gravesend) 1842 NN (1853) 1. Elizabeth Ann (Winter) 2. Lucy Aubrey (Peremana) Arrived age 11, farmer Pupu, digger Pupu, Pages Ck, store & postmaster Waitapu, butcher, saw miller, built roads, owned schooner Clio, farmer East Takaka, Takaka Road Board, Collingwood County Council, known as King of Takaka, Page Rd. 4 Apr 1898 (67) (East Takaka)
John PAGE Bolton (Gravesend) 1842 NN (1853) Elizabeth Mary (Jones) Arrived age 10, settled Pupu, digger Pupu, famer Waitapu, Lower Takaka School Committee. 15 Nov 1895 (63) (East Takaka)
George MOULDER Sir Charles Forbes (Gravesend) 1842 NN (-) Hannah (Biggs) Both from Bedfordshire, sawyer, Grove St & Trafalgar St, Nelson, built two-storey house opposite Trafalgar Park, farmed Motupipi, Moulder Road. 10 Aug 1886 (83) (Clifton)
Thomas SIGLEY Martha Ridgway (Liverpool) 1842 NN (1861) Margaret (Edmondson) Arrived age 9, brother of John, labourer Golden Gully, blacksmith, built Waitapu bridge with John, East Takaka, celebrated golden wedding aniversary 1893. 5 Nov 1894 (63) (East Takaka)
John William SIGLEY Martha Ridgway (Liverpool) 1842 NN (-) Martha (Holland) Arrived age 11, labourer, Stoke 1859, baker, St Vincent St, Nelson, 1862, farmer, “Hedgleigh” Takaka, Lower Takaka School Committee, bridge builder. 9 Jan 1906 (77) (Kotinga)
Mark Henry ABBOTT Cresswell (London) 1856 NN(-) 1. Rebecca (Sinclair?) 2. Mrs Catherine Grooby (Daw) From Oxford, coach builder, Nelson, sawmill, butcher, general store, inn keeper, hop garden, “Abbotsford”, owned schooner Croydon Lass, Junction Hotel, insurance agent, freemason, liberated possums at Abbotsford. 15 Aug 1896 (66) (Clifton)page 68
James BAIRD London (Gravesend) 1840 WN (1853) Jannet (Manson) Builder, undertaker, built Motupipi wharf, active in education, “Seaview”, Clifton, Motupipi, drowned crossing Fletchers Creek, Motupipi. 6 May 1871 (48) (Clifton)
William VANT London (Gravesend) 1842 NN (1853) Harriett Maria (Bomforth) Arrived age 13, labourer Nile St, started a farm in Brook Street & Maitai Valley, walked over hill with Pages & Spittal, “Woodlands”, Takaka, farmer Waikaramumu, IOOF Lodge. 23 Dec 1900 (72) (East Takaka)
James Shamrock REILLY London (Gravesend) 1842 NN (1864) Sarah Jane (Kearns) Arrived from Ireland age 7, constable Collingwood Goldfield, blacksmith shop Takaka, local councillor, 1873 grew hops Waitapu, Shamrock Hotel, Collingwood County Councillor, Telegraph Hotel, Reilly Street. 25 Mar 1893 (60) (Hamama)
John CANN 1851 LYT (1855) Ann (Lulford) From Kent, Nelson, Para Para, lime dealer Motupipi, digger Anatoki, Canns Point, 1862 Collingwood, chair of Takaka School Committee, builder, bricklayer Takaka, leased Waitapu wharf. 17 May 1887 (72) (East Takaka)
Magnus MANSON Clifton (London) 1842 WN (1853) Mary Ann (Sellars) From Lerwick, Shetland, shoemaker, Te Aro & Petone, married at Wellington, Auckland, 1851 Bendigo & Twofold Bay, Manson Corner, Motupipi, first bale of wool from Golden Bay, Motupipi. 13 Aug 1877 (62) (Clifton)
James MANSON Clifton (London) 1842 WN (1853) Bachelor Labourer, brother of Magnus, Taita, Hutt Valley, farmer Motupipi. 28 Jun 1897 (86) (Clifton)
Robert MANSON Clifton (London) 1842 WN (1853) Bachelor Labourer, brother of Magnus, trainee boot maker, Wellington, farmer, Motupipi. 1896 (76) (Clifton)
Charles WAN Lady Nugent (Plymouth) 1850 NN (1863) Helen / Ellen (Gillespie) From Fifeshire Scotland, brick maker, labourer & sawyer Waimea West, Clifton, farmer Motupipi. 7 Dec 1870 (51) (Clifton)
George James HAILES Edward Thornhill (Gravesend) 1862 NN (1862) Lucy Juliana (Pendrill) Died England Blenheim, Nelson, surveyor’s assistant, sheep farmer Upper Takaka, Waitui Park. 26 May 1892 (73) (Hamama)
Andrew McDONALD Minnie Dike (Melbourne) 1856 NN (1860) Emma (Hodgkinson) From Scotland, at sea for 11yrs, Wakefield, farmed Tadmor, sawyer & gold miner at Collingwood, 1864 started farming at Central Takaka, Takaka Road Board. 16 Dec 1898 (69) (East Takaka)page 70
John LINDSAY 1856 NN (1856) Bachelor His sister Jane was his house keeper, left Edzell Castle, Aberdeenshire 1852, arrived from Australia, where he made money at Bendigo, Ballarat & Forest Creek Goldfields, Uruwhenua, Upper Takaka, digger Waingaro, storekeeper, early accommodation, sheep farmer, served on local Council & Boards. 4 Oct 1900 (72) (East Takaka)
James LINDSAY Margaret Thomson (Melbourne) 1860 NN (1860) Janetta Charlotte Mary (Towers) Brother of John, 1854 Australia, sheep farmer Uruwhenua, Nile St East Nelson. 7 Oct 1918 (88) (Wakapuaka)
John WALKER Thomas Harrison (London) 1842 NN (-) Sarah (Richardson) Quarryman, Puramahoi, father of Capt John, (No relation to John below), died at Nelson. 29 Nov 1884 (83) (Wakapuaka)
John WALKER Ellen (Walsh / Welsh) Arrived age 11, Walker & Son, trap and sulky manufacturers, Takaka, Long Plain School Committee, Golden Bay Freemasons. 4 Aug 1899 (64) (Kotinga)
Thomas WINDLE John Scott (Melbourne) 1855 NN (-) Margaret (Byrne) Victoria Gold Field, Australia, Prospect Farm, East Takaka, returned to Australia for short time, made butter and sold it in Nelson, donated land for Catholic Church, Waingaro. 26 Sep 1921 (93) (Hamama)
George HARWOOD London (Gravesend) 1842 NN (1855) Elizabeth (Eastmount) From Somersetshire, shoe maker, Motueka, Clifton, Motupipi, died from horse accident. 31 Jan 1888 (72) (Clifton)
James WINTER Bolton (Gravesend) 1842 NN (1864) 1. Mary (Palmer) 2. Mrs Mary Anne Benham (Packard) From Alton, agricultural labourer, leased the Maitai Run (dairy farm), Rototai farm, Clifton, Motupipi. 9 Nov 1888 (76) (East Takaka)
page 72

Left Panel

Pioneer Name Ship (From) Arrived NZ (Arr. Takaka Wife (Nee) Occupation and District Died (Age) (Buried)
Henry WALLIS John Masterman (Gravesend) 1857 NN (-) Mary Ann (Shed) From Hampshire, cement worker, Kent, labourer, Nelson, Aorere Goldfields, maltster & brewer at Motupipi, farmer, Takaka Road Board, Oddfellows Lodge. 8 Feb 1889 (62) (East Takaka)
James BOYCE Spray (Melbourne) 1855 NN (-) Mary (Wan) From County Down, Ireland, labourer, ran cutter Supply, Clifton, digger Moonlight Flat, Slate river, farmer Motupipi, granted pension 1900, died at old people’s home, Nelson. 15 Feb 1906 (80) (Wakapuaka)
Alfred FLETCHER Jumped ship, jailed Lord Auckland? 1842 NN (1853) Mary Anne (Lovell) From Ireland, master of Lovell’s cutter, Rototai, fire in 4 bedroom house Motupipi, sawyer, Motupipi school board, farmer Fletchers Creek, Clifton. 19 Apr 1901 (71) (East Takaka)
David Brunton SCOTT Golconda (London) 1859 NN (1859) Grace (Beveridge) Both from Scotland, shoemaker, labourer, gold digger Nelson and Otago, sheep farmer Motupipi, 1904 shifted to Nelson. 21 Oct 1916 (84) (East Takaka)
Peter HUNTER New Zealand (Greenwich) 1842 NN (1853) 1. Jane (McIsaac) 2. Mrs Eliza Bridger Arrived as a child from Scotland, Takaka, grew mixed crops & hops at Long Plain. 28 May 1915 (82) (East Takaka)
William BARNETT Thomas Harrison (London) 1842 NN (1856) Sarah Anne (Plumridge) Arrived age 8, Atawhai, Nelson, tailor, road man and postmaster at East Takaka. 16 Oct 1881 (47) (East Takaka)
Bownes HANDCOCK Cresswell (London) 1856 NN (1857) Batchelor Arrived age 22, brother of William, Handcock Creek, Anatoki. 8 Dec 1914 (80) (East Takaka)
Arthur George HANDCOCK Cresswell (London) 1856 NN (1857) Batchelor Arrived age 26, brother of William. 25 Aug 1909 (80) (East Takaka)
William Lawrence HANDCOCK Cresswell (London) 1856 NN (1857) Sarah (Walker) From Ireland, arrived age 25, apprentice grocer, gold mining Deep Creek, “Whitbarrow”, East Takaka, apiarist, Handcock Brothers Sawmill, Anglican lay reader for 40yrs. 3 Nov 1905 (74) (East Takaka)
Charles William NALDER Cresswell (London) 1856 NN (1865) Mary Anne (Winter) From Berkshire, arrived age 15, married & lived Maitai, tailor, Motupipi, grew hops, potatos, roading contractor, Anglican lay reader, trustee Clifton Cemetery, “Longsdale” friesian stud. 5 Jun 1903 (62) (Clifton)page 74
Patrick BYRNE Golconda (Gravesend) 1859 NN (1860) Anne (Kavanagh) From Kilkenny, Ireland, digger Upper Anatoki, Upper Takaka, hop kiln Lower Takaka, farmed East Takaka, stud horses, trustee for Hamama cemetery 30 Oct 1915 (84) (Hamama)
Henry BYRNE Gothenburg (Melbourne) 1866 NN (1866) Julia (Leonard) From Kilkenny, Ireland, via Ballarat Goldfields, Australia, brother of Patrick, Waingaro, stud draught horses, butchery shop Takaka, Hamama. 12 Sep 1932 (91) (Hamama)
Charles CATE Bolton (Gravesend) 1842 NN (1859) Sarah (Hunter) ‘KATE’ on Bolton passenger list. Arrived age 7, sawyer Waimea West, digger Collingwood Goldfield, Pupu. Dec 1907 (73) (East Takaka)
John HORTON Thomas Harrison (London) 1842 NN 1855 Phoebe (Curtis) Coal miner from Warwickshire, agricultural labourer Waimea East, Nelson, coal miner Motupipi, Section 159, Horton Bros, road building contractors. Oct 1890 (75) (Clifton)
Robert Blundell KING Rosencraig 1863 NN (1864) Anna Maria (Burt) From Dublin, father a minister, uncle Hong Kong Governor, brother army colonel, crown grant 1866, Section 102, Presbyterian, farmer “Fortchester”, Motupipi. 22 Jul 1919 (76) (Wakapuaka)
Thomas Edward PLUMMER Alexander (Melbourne) 1854 NN (-) Sarah (Maskell) From London, brick & tile burner, 1854 London to Australia on Blackwell, brick maker Nelson, digger Anatoki, 1873 grew hops East Takaka, “Counter Hill”, farmer East Takaka, Sarah died 1887, sold up and moved to Okaiawa, Taranaki. 20 Jul 1896 (92) (Okaiawa)
John CHARLES Louisa Campbell (Wreck Farewell Spit) 1847 (1857) Mary Anne (North) Swedish mariner (Karl Bjorkman, naturalised Mar 1857), Nelson, Clifton, master of schooners Atalanta & Sisters & ketch Jane, store keeper, Exchange Inn (Motupipi ferry house), mariner, owner Motupipi wharf. 17 Oct 1883 (66) (Clifton)
James BRIDGER Cresswell (London) 1856 NN (1861) Eliza (Parker) Waimea West, 1873, grew hops, Takaka River, Takaka Road Board, 1876 East Takaka. 17 Aug 1884 (55) (East Takaka)
Dr James TILBY James Scott (London) 1854 NN (1855) Jane (Fellows) First Golden Bay medical practitioner, ran small school Motupipi, registrar, post master, “Birtley Farm”, Motupipi, Takaka Road Board, left district 1885, sons farmed Pukekohe, died at Epsom, Auckland. 8 Sep 1908 (82) (Waikumete)page 78
Edward SOLLY Isabella Hercus (Plymouth) 1851 LYN (1859) Mary Ogilvy (Moore) Labourer & butcher, Lyttelton, labourer Waimea West, digger Anatoki, part 3 Section 21 Takaka, hop kiln Takaka, Solly’s Ford, pound keeper, 1899 awarded a pension. 4 Nov 1905 (74) (East Takaka)
Joseph BEARDMORE Active (Melbourne) 1860 NN (1864) Elizabeth Jane (McLellan/McLelland) From Ballarat, Stoke, manager Upcote Downs, Awatere, 1865, butchery Nelson, sheep farmer “Daisy Hill”, Upper Takaka, grew hops. 31 Mar 1904 (74) (East Takaka)
Edgar DODSON Lloyds (London) 1842 NN (1863) Jane (Tutbury) From Brinkworth, Wiltshire, arrived age 5yrs, brother of Alfred, Wakapuaka, Wairau, Riwaka, Long Plain Takaka, farmer Riwaka, died at Riwaka. 25 Oct 1914 (78) (Riwaka)
James KEALY John Scott (Melbourne) 1855 NN (1856) Mary (Kavanagh) From Ireland, section 122, ferry (canoe) on Waingaro River, mass held at their home, drowned Takaka River, Mary drowned Waingaro River 1 December 1866, 2 daughters sent to Catholic orphanage Nelson 27 Jun 1864 (41) (Wakapuaka)
James MORRISON - 1849-50? (1860) Mary (Muir) From Scotland, sawyer, wagoner, Motupipi, Takaka, lost 2 children to Diptheria. 14 Jan 1870 (40) (?)
Andrew COCKBURN Maori (London) 1855 NN (1856) Bachelor Digger Anatoki, farmer Takaka, Trustee of Takaka cemetery. 28 Feb 1909 (80) (Addington)