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Nelson Historical Society Journal, Volume 6, Issue 5, 2002

The Certificate of Title in the Twentieth Century

The Certificate of Title in the Twentieth Century

Edwin Barker died at his residence, Shelbourne Street, on 25 July 1902 at the age of 70. The Certificate of Title, created under the Land Transfer Act of 1924 and dated 24 December 1926, shows Sarah Barker and Mary Emma Barker of Nelson as owners of 19 Shelbourne Street. Sarah Barker had died on 29 March 1912. Mary Emma, the sixth child of Edwin and Sarah Barker, had been born in Wellington in 1865 and died on 30 October 1958. Ownership had remained with the Barker family for 62 years.

Title was transmitted to the Public Trustee on 9 December 1958, and then transferred to Evelyn Ward of Wellington, Spinster, on 3 June 1959.

On 3 November 1972 it was transmitted to Richard Rainey and Richard Siddells, solicitors of Nelson, as executors, and then transferred to Francine Hunia of Nelson, school teacher, and then to Nellie Charlton of Nelson, widow, on 19 December 1972.

The title was transmitted to Camilla Bull of Wellington as executrix on 19 September 1977 and immediately transferred to Mavis Raywell Overton of Nelson, catering assistant. Mavis (Betty) Overton sold the property on 16 July 1999 and title was transferred to Andrew Robert Ewan and Karen Miles, who then sold it to Deborah Margaret Knapp and Michael Bryan Murphy on 8 February, 2001.