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Journal of the Nelson and Marlborough Historical Societies, Volume 2, Issue 2, 1988


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The beauty of history is that it allows anybody to make a contribution, ranging from the analytical broad-based academic approach, to the more intimate level of family history and personal reminiscence.

Most of us who belong to local historical societies such as the Nelson and Marlborough Historical Societies do so because we enjoy learning about the past human activity in our region and the change it has engendered. Perhaps this helps us feel that we 'belong'.

Our historical societies have the function of bringing this human past into focus and communicating not only with our members, but also beyond with the wider public. While our speakers, fieldtrips and newsletters are all part of this communication, it is our Journal which provides the most lasting and tangible record. If one glances back through all the issues of the Journal over the Nelson Historical Society's 34 years a wonderful variety and depth of historical detail concerning the Nelson/Marlborough region is revealed. We have created an important reference source for both the serious researcher and casual enquirer.

This issue of the Journal reflects the usual wide scope and high standard of previous issues for which we must again thank the Nelson and Marlborough contributors and the editor, Dawn Smith.

Consider your historical interests and whether you might have a contribution for the Journal – if so Dawn will be pleased to hear from you and the function of your Journal will continue to be fulfilled.

Steven Bagley,
President, Nelson Historical Society.