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Journal of the Nelson and Marlborough Historical Societies, Volume 2, Issue 1, 1987

Table 5: Financial Reasons for Leaving Bishop's School

Table 5: Financial Reasons for Leaving Bishop's School

Reason Pupils Families Occupation of Father
Embezzlement 1 1 Sub, Provincial Treasurer
Bankruptcy 6 (+ 4) 5 Draper Wine Merchant Merchant Hotelkeeper
End of Singing Scholarship 3 2 Labourer Commercial Agent
Parents Poor 4 (+ 2) 3 Cabman Chemist Storekeeper
Father failing in business 2 1 Shipping Clerk
Non-payment fees 2 1 Bailiff
Indebtedness 2 (+ 1) 1 Solicitor
Want of means 1 1 Grocer
Reduced circumstances 1 1

Note: Numbers in brackets indicate cases where, although the roll does not state that the child left for financial reasons, it seems probable.

Some boys left for financial reasons. The education of 28 boys was affected in this way. 28 boys is only 5% of the school population, but it still must have been devastating for the people concerned. The important question is — how representative is this of the

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Nelson community at the time? Certainly the country suffered a depression during the 1880s. It may be evidence of the undermining of community development and personal advancement, which occurred at that time.

Bishop's School had parents whose occupations were dependent upon the selling of goods and services to others. If this could not be maintained at a level which enabled a family to survive, education at a fee-paying school had to be terminated. Most of the boys who left for financial reasons moved on to a government school.