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Journal of the Nelson and Marlborough Historical Societies, Volume 2, Issue 1, 1987

Table 4: Named Place and Occupation of Pupils Leaving School

Table 4: Named Place and Occupation of Pupils Leaving School

Druggist 1
Government 2
Watchmaker 1
Cabinetmaker 1
To father (unknown) 1
Clerk/Office work
Articled clerk 1
Clerk in Sclanders 1
Clerk 1
Clerk in business 1
Lawyer's clerk 2page 15
Clerk in Merchant's office 3
Telegraph clerk 1
Office work 1
Printing office 2
Lawyer's office 1
W.& Field office 1
Mr Rout's office 1
Father's Business
Gardener 2
Miller 1
Butcher 1
Tailor 1
Wharfinger 1
Music master/seller? 1
Tinsmith 1
Grocer 1
Storekeeper 1
Clerk/miller 1
Mr Scott's timber yard 1
Carpenter 1
Salesman 1
Buxton & Co. 2
Business 2
Engineer 2
Foundry Engineering 1
To sea 2
Hadfield's Chemist 1
Draper's store 1
Grocer's assistant 1

32% moved directly into education of some kind. To this must be added those who took up apprenticeships and farming, as this involved more specific ongoing education. The occupations detailed on the roll may, or may not, be characteristic of the kind of work available in Nelson at that time, for school leavers. As has been previously mentioned, the school seems to have attracted parents with occupations indicative of a specific social sphere, so the information may be more relevant to that sphere in particular.