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Nelson Historical Society Journal, Volume 3, Issue 6, October 1980

President's Foreword

page 3

President's Foreword

This Journal completes Volume 3. We are indebted to Mr B. E. Dickinson who has compiled the index which we include. Over the years we have been proud to publish attractive Journals with articles and presentation of a high quality, but increasing costs may force us to cut down in the future. This year we follow up our account of Golden Bay Industries with some additional information and also pay particular attention to a part of our City – Albion Square. We hope the City Council will revive the name and we ask members to use it.

It is not always realised that Nelson has several "firsts" in New Zealand Industries and we are fortunate in having two articles on the pioneer wool manufacture. We hope to have accounts of other industries next year. We are always pleased to receive articles or suggestions from members or readers.

Ian D. Simpson,