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Nelson Historical Society Journal, Volume 2, Issue 1, 1966

Erin Street:

Erin Street:

A British name and lies not far from Scotland Street, perhaps purposely. It used to run from Bronte to Manuka Street but has now crossed the Brook and runs from Manuka Street and merges into Brookside.

There was a ship called the Erin in early Nelson history. Domett visited Massacre Bay with Captain Wakefield in August, 1842, and found a man named Anderson building a ship called the Erin. According to Domett it was a schooner of about 120 tons and shaped rather like Noah's Ark but the shipping news in the Examiner of 10th December, 1842, says: "the schooner Erin, 20 tons, from Massacre Bay, master Sheridan, visited this Port." The size must have been pruned down a bit or else Domett's judgement wasn't too good. A vessel Erin was wrecked in 1844. The ship seems to be too late to have influenced the Street Naming Committee.