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Nelson Historical Society Journal, Volume 2, Issue 1, 1966

Fort Bastia, Fort Calvi, Aboukir Battery:

Fort Bastia, Fort Calvi, Aboukir Battery:

Named after Nelson's battles. At Calvi on the north-west coast of Corsica, Nelson lost an eye, and Aboukir was the scene of the Battle of the Nile.

These forts were on Haulashore Island, called in those days Fifeshire Island although it was not then an island but the end of the Boulder Bank. Aboukir was near the cut in the Boulder Bank, Bastia was at the point nearest to Wakefield Quay and Calvi was on the seaward side.

Whether these forts were ever built I don't know and the only reference to them I can find is in a report to Colonel Wakefield by Wm. Fox, the Company's agent, on the visit to Nelson of Governor Fitzroy in February, 1844. He wrote: "Governor Fitzroy did not land until Wednesday morning at 10 a.m. On leaving the North Star (which was anchored in Bolton Roads), he was saluted by that vessel and the salute returned from the fort."