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Nelson Historical Society Journal, Volume 1, Issue 6, March 1964



The actual line of the foreshore has not altered to any marked extent in living memory but there is a great change in the course of the channel. In the early days, there was deep water at an anchorage known as "The Stump", straight out from where the Golf Links House now stands, and boats used to unload there. It was also possible to unload lighters at a jetty near the Nelson Freezing Co. The channel then curved round and more unloading could be done at the end of the road now called Beach Road, at Richmond. This was quite extensively used, as wheat for the Richmond Flour Mill used to come by that route.

A considerable change has been noted in Grossi's Island, which sixty years ago was fully twice its present size.

At Tahunanui (called by the Maoris 'Wakatu') the channel has changed its course considerably, as in the old days the main channel came right across behind the sandhills to what is now the children's paddling pool. (1949.)