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Nelson Historical Society Journal, Volume 1, Issue 4, December 1959


page Ten

The possibility of the Nelson Historical Society obtaining a suitable room in the present City Council Chambers when they were vacated by the council was mentioned by the president. Mr L. E. H. Baigent, at a meeting of the Nelson Historical Society.

Mr Baigent was discussing the question of obtaining suitable premises for a proposed Museum Trust Board in which could be housed valuable early records, including the Bett collection.

Mr Baigent stressed that there was nothing firm about the proposal. It depended on the council getting a suitable building on the Miller's Acre area which was being developed.

The committee was not satisfied with the progress that had been made towards obtaining a building for its records, Mr Baigent said, but it was not a financial institution and it was difficult to see a way out of the problem. The committee was constantly watching for an appropriate building, but without substantial success so far.

Proposals for the formation of a Museum Trust Board on a provincial basis to take over the responsibility of the museum and archives, and so free the Nelson Institute from the museum and leave the way open for a municipal library if so desired, are now in the hands of the Nelson City Council, according to the annual report of the historical society.

This was the outcome of a meeting between a committee from the society and the council, which was held with a view to providing accommodation in Nelson for the collection of Nelson historical records left under the will of the late patron, Dr F. A. Bett.