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Temperance and Prohibition in New Zealand

(8) The Salvation Army

(8) The Salvation Army

1. Every Salvationist is pledged to personal total abstinence from the use of alcoholic beverages. No one is accepted as a member of the organization until he has signed a statement to that effect.

2. The Salvation Army, from its inception, has been the friend and ally of all temperance work, and the sworn foe of the drink traffic. It places its influence behind all legislation, exclusive of any consideration of party, that will minimize the evil effects of the use of strong drink, curtail its extent or make total Prohibition possible, and to the degree which the attention necessary to its religious and philanthropic activities will permit, gives active support to such measures.

The Army in New Zealand bases its support of Prohibition upon (1) its general policv towards strong drink; (2) its experience of its benefits to page 172 the extent it has been applied locally; and (3) the reports and supporting evidence of its success elsewhere as submitted by the Salvation Army's authorities in those countries.

3. The War Cry, the Army's official organ, continually points out the evils of strong drink, and when occasion arises, such as prior to the taking of a Prohibition poll, issues special anti-drink numbers.