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Illustrated Guide to Christchurch and Neighbourhood

Mr. J. W. Leigh's Nursery

Mr. J. W. Leigh's Nursery.

Zion Nursery, as Mr. Leigh's place is named, is situated on the Shakespeare-road, Sydenham, near Wilson's road. It is two acres and a half in extent, and is one of those of our gardens which a visitor will find well worth inspection. Mr. Leigh, who has been about sixteen years gardening in this part of the colony, and been about ten years on his present grounds, has had a long experience in his profession, and has therefore gained an intimate knowledge of the effects of our climate upon various kinds of plants, &c. This knowledge has enabled him to select his stock from kinds and sorts which have been acclimatised here, or which are likely to thrive here. The importance of this is well known to professional gardeners, and has been learnt at considerable cost by many amateurs, who have imported new varieties, or new seeds, from Europe, America, or elsewhere. Mr. Leigh's collection of coniferæ, hardy, and other, is very large and well assorted. Of ornamental trees and shrubs, he has also a considerable stock, while his collection of flowering and herbaceous plants should be seen by anyone wishing to stock a garden or a greenhouse. One specialty of Mr. Leigh's is his collection of camelias, all grafted, of which he has above seventy named specimens; another, is his roses. Hedge plants, edging plants, culinary roots, herbs, grape vines, and fruit bushes; canes and trees are also to be seen in his nursery in considerable variety. At the time of our visit he had a large number of apple-trees, which all had to be delivered in Sydney under a heavy penalty for the loss of even one. We must not omit to notice Mr. Leigh's greenhouses and hot-houses, four in number, 60 feet long by 12 feet wide, the very perfection of useful glass, without a yard of unprofitable space. Indeed, the whole grounds bear evidence of being arranged and worked for use, and not show, in a thoroughly workmanlike manner.

Mr. Leigh will at any time be happy to show visitors over his place, which will, as we have said, well repay the trouble.