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Illustrated Guide to Christchurch and Neighbourhood



Clubs for the practice of this game have been in existence for many years. So far back as twenty years ago a club was established which, after an intermittent kind of life, expired from inanition. The present Club was practically formed about ten years ago. It meets in the rooms of the Philosophical Institute, at the Public Library, every Tuesday and Friday evening. The roll of members numbers about fifty, and the average attendance is from eighteen to twenty each evening. Admission is by ballot, and the subscription is ten shillings per annum. Two or page 130three handicap tourneys are held every year; also interprovincial matches with the Wellington and Dunedin Clubs, in which hitherto Christchurch has been able, at least, to do more than hold its own. In 1879 a New Zealand chess tourney was held in Christchurch, the old Provincial Council Hall being lent for the purpose. About ten of the best players in the colony attended, and it evoked considerable interest. The prizes were £50, £20 and £10, to be taken either in money or trophies. The first was won by Mr. Hook ham (Christchurch), the second by Mr. D. R. Hay (Dunedin), and the third by Mr. P. F. Jacobsen (Christchurch). The Club is numerically stronger than any other similar one in the colony, if not in the Australias. The President is Mr. H. Hookham; the vice-President, Mr. P. F. Jacobsen; the Secretary, Mr. Howard; and the Treasurer, Mr. W. A. Smith.