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Illustrated Guide to Christchurch and Neighbourhood

The New Zealand Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

The New Zealand Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

This Society was formed in Christchurch in June, 1882, and in December the same year, a public meeting was held in the old Provincial Council Chamber to report progress, and further enlist the interest of the public. The first annual meeting was held in May, 1883, when it appeared that up to March 31, £110 had been received, and £104 spent. In the second year—that is up to March 31, 1884,—the amount collected was £119 11s 10d, being a trifling advance, and the roll of membership was. 133, as against 109 in 1883. The objects of the Society are:— To encourage the principles of humanity, especially in the education of the young; to put in force legislative action to curb cruelty, and to circulate literature advocating the objects of the Society. The principle laid down is to endeavour to check rather than punish cruelty, and acting on this, prosecutions were only instituted in 14 out of 155 cases which came under the notice of the Society last year, in the others cautions—some of them written ones—being deemed sufficient. So far as Christchurch is concerned, the work of the Society has already had a marked effect, few cases of cruelty being openly met with now; but the letters which the Committee receive from time to time, and other private communications made to them, show clearly the need of the Society's operations in many quarters, as soon as the funds at the disposal of the-Committee will permit of more systematic investigations being conducted. A Young People's Branch of the Society has been formed, and the annual essay competition in it has been very page 105successful, 34 essays being sent in the first year and 47 in 1884, while in style and matter they compare more than favourably with those written by the young people belonging to the Society in England. His Excellency Sir W. F. Drummond Jervois, G. C. M. G., C.B., is patron of the Society; Sir John Hall, K.C.M.G, is President, and Mr. W. H. Shaw is the energetic Hon. Secretary. The office is in the Old Post-office buildings, Market-place, Christchurch.