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Illustrated Guide to Christchurch and Neighbourhood

Christchurch Benevolent Association

Christchurch Benevolent Association.

The Christchurch Benevolent Association was established in 1880. Its object is to give relief, by supplementing the actual necessaries of life given by the Charitable Aid Board, and to help by assisting families to join their bread-winners, who may have found permanent employment in another district. The funds are derived from private subscriptions, the results of a “Charity Sunday,” and a Government subsidy. The management is in the hands of a committee, elected by the subscribers. Actual cash, except in cases of “aid to rent,” is never given into the hands of the grantee, but is disbursed by authorised persons. During the past year 1764 persons were assisted. The receipts were £2062 11s 7d, and the expenditure £1235 4s. 2d., including provisions, £58 8s. 3d.; coal, £222 1s. 6d.; boots, £229 8s. 7d.; drapery, £156 3s. 6d.; labour, £12 13s. 6d.; special grants in page 84aid, £248 19s. 10d.; rents in aid, £110 13s. The office of the Association is in the Market Square, Christchurch.