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Illustrated Guide to Christchurch and Neighbourhood

School of Art

School of Art.

This school was established by the Governors of the College to foster the systematic study of practical Art, and the knowledge of its scientific principles, with a view to developing the application of Art to the common uses of life, and to the requirements of trade and manufacture. It was opened in March, 1882, under the Master, Mr. D. Blair, formerly Examiner in Art at the South Kensington Museum; the models, books, casts, &c., having been selected by Mr. Walter Kennaway and Sir Robert Cunliffee Owen, in England. The necessity for the school was shown immediately by the large number of students who attended the classes, both morning and evening, and Mr. Blair soon required assistance, when Mr. G. H. Elliott, holding a certificate from the National Art Training School, South Kensington.

The instruction includes the following subjects:—freehand, geometry, and perspective; light and shade; painting in oils and water colours; botany and anatomy, as applied to Art; design; modelling; building construction; machine construction; drawing on wood; and lithography.

The average number of students last year was, in the morning 44, and in the evening 57. In addition to this number 63 boys page 59from the Boys' High School, and 67 pupils from the Girls' High School receive instruction in the School of Art, besides students in the Normal School, and teachers in the schools under the Board of Education. Altogether there were 441 students and pupils on the roll last year.

The school is situated at the corner of Hereford and Antiguastreets. The building is a handsome one of stone.