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Illustrated Guide to Christchurch and Neighbourhood

The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army.

This body, which has become an institution in Christchurch, was established on the 20th May, 1883. It has now stations in Christchurch, Sydenham, Lyttelton, Kaiapoi, Ashburton, and Rangiora. Its head-quarters in this colony are now in Christchurch, under the command of Major Pollard. It is supported entirely by voluntary contributions, payments being made into one fund for the whole of New Zealand. So far it has been more than self-supporting, and as the funds increase it carries the war into fresh towns. Should it at any future time be in want of funds it is empowered to draw on the Home body for sufficient to cover the bare expenses of the officers. The attendance at its meetings, which in each place average from eighteen to twenty per week, is very numerous; but the actual membership is, in Christchurch, 235, in Sydenham 150, and in the other towns from 40 to 150. It publishes weekly its own paper—the War Cry—which has a very large circulation. It is about eighteen years ago that the Army was first formed, in the Old Country, but it is within the last three years that it. has fought its way into popularity, not only there, but in America and the colonies, and has attracted a very large number of adherents.