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Illustrated Guide to Christchurch and Neighbourhood

T. J. Watters' Range Manufactory

T. J. Watters' Range Manufactory.

This factory is in Cashel-street, next the Bank of Australasia, and has been established about eight years. Previously Mr. Watters had been employed for twenty-one years in one foundry in Cornwall, England. His work principally consists of the manufacture of all kinds of cooking ranges and fire grates; besides these he makes and fits up hot and cold baths, with high pressure boilers, and all kinds of hot water apparatus, and all kinds of engineering work in iron and brass. Among the cooking ranges which he has made are one twelve-feet range for the White Hart Hotel, one ten-feet for the Empire Hotel, one for Lancaster Park Hotel ten feet long, one nine feet long for Barrett's Hotel, one eight-feet range for the Convent, one eight-feet range for the Clarendon Hotel, one six-feet range for the Star Hotel (Addington), one large one for Mr. Postlethwaite at Geraldine, one five-feet-six range for the Railway Hotel, one large one for Mr. Beetham (Napier), and one ten-feet range for Coker's Commercial Hotel, Christchurch. Besides this last work he fitted up for Mr. Coker the hot and cold water apparatus for baths and household purposes running all through the hotel. He makes portable ranges from 3-feet upwards. At the International Exhibition of 1882 he was awarded a gold medal for design, workmanship and cheapness. The previous year he won the gold medal at the Agricultural and Pastoral Association's Show; in 1882 he gained the same Association's first and second prizes against competition for a ten-feet and a four-feet range; and in 1883 he won a first prize for a three-feet-six range; and in 1884 he gained a first prize page 226for a ten-feet range, a first prize for a four-feet range, a first prize for a three-feet range, at the same Association's Shows.

He employs about eleven hands, and his ranges are sent to all parts of the Colony to wholesale houses and also private individuals. He makes ship's stoves of any size, and his work is generally of a high class, while his prices are thoroughly moderate.